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3 Toxically Liberal Things in Lancaster County and Around PA

3 Toxically Liberal Things in Lancaster County and Around PA

The weird and wacky side of toxic liberalism
By Trey 82 comments

1) In the United States and in Pennsylvania, Muslims make up only 1 percent of the population, according to Pew Research.

The figure is about one-fifth of 1 percent in Lancaster County, based on estimates by local Muslim leaders.

So, .02 percent of all Lancaster County. Or, for the math impaired, 109 people.

One hundred and nine.

So this in the LNP – How to make madgooga for Ramadan or anytime – is not meeting a market need with your publication.

This is what you call empty liberal virtue signaling.

2) Refugees welcome! Hooray!

Lancaster County has been culturally enriched again.

3) Nothing says “standing up for truth and justice” like State AG Josh Shapiro suing a bunch of villainous…um…nuns? Wait, that can’t be right. No, it is.

Our state AG took the…oh, my… Little Sisters of Poverty (good grief, did Shapiro consider the optics of this?) to court because even though courts and the White House upheld their right as a Catholic charity not to provide birth control in their health plan, Shapiro thinks they should be forced to go against their faith.

This Mr. Shapiro seems to have an issue with Christian charities.