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By Trey 324 comments

I recently moved to Lancaster County from down South, and, as a professional journalist and writer, I started this blog to share my journey of discovery of this wonderful place.

I’ve worked as a journalist my whole life. I’ve traveled all over America and Europe writing about many different regions. Last year I spent 6 months on the road writing about how the opioid crisis is devastating our American heartland, especially the white working class. I see a lot of this problem in Lancaster County.

I’m a social conservative, a Christian (Methodist), and firmly to the right on politics and economics. I believe strongly in the First and Second Amendments, and I’m deeply concerned about the constant attacks on both from the Left. I’m pro-Trump to the extent that Trump supports these things, but I wish he would do more and I’m disappointed where he’s done less.

Lancaster is one of the most compelling places I’ve ever encountered as a writer. The place is rich in history. What I’ve seen of most of the people and places here, it’s been amazing. 

But what I’ve seen of the local news media, the left-wing advocacy groups and the liberal leadership? It’s been wretched.

As a newcomer, it seems to me that, in Lancaster county, the working class, the small business owners and the traditional and faithful are being crowded out in favor of a left-wing agenda hostile to everything that made this region great in the first place.

As a writer, I am interested in exploring how this still lovely county and its rich conservative heritage and traditions have come under the sway of an aggressive, and it seems to me, out-of-control liberalism.

As a Christian, the rainbow flags so common on churches and restaurants in Lancaster city confuse me, even as a newcomer. How could this have happened here? Why haven’t the community leaders who should know better stood against this? Their predecessors must be turning in their graves.

One thing I’ve started to understand is how heavily taxed this part of the country is. I definitely want to write more about that, and how that money is misspent.

I’ll be sharing my thoughts on these and other issues in this space.

Ideally, I would like to be able to make a living writing about all this. Independent journalism free of leftist media corporate control is the only way forward for those who care about the truth.  If you appreciate what you read here, please consider making a donation to allow me to spend more time on this. 

If enough of you chip in, I’ll do this full time.

I suspect there are plenty of people in this region who feel the same way I do. The local newspaper here is extremely liberal, completely out of step with the values of most of the residents of the county. It seems to me that conservatives here don’t have any public voice at all, outside of the pulpits of the conservative churches.

This blog has a comments section. I would be glad if it became a forum for a broader discussion of these issues. If there is a story which you think needs publicity, please reach out to me – send me tips and story ideas to [email protected].  I’ll pay close attention to them. If you want to contribute an article, I would welcome those too.