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The Lancaster Guardian is daily independent journalism website focused on Lancaster County.

At the Lancaster Guardian, we strive to deliver the news to you as it unfolds, as well as in-depth coverage, analysis and community service focused on Lancaster County.

The Lancaster Guardian is committed to local journalism that is truthful, ethical and investigative, providing coverage without fear or favor, always locally focused and always committed to core conservative and Christian principles.

We strive to ensure that that our sources are verifiable and trustworthy, and gather a substantial amount of information before we publish.

We ask ourselves: Is this story truly newsworthy? Are we telling the whole story in a fair and transparent fashion? Are our sources reputable?

Only after we have satisfied these criteria do we publish.

Many times the mainstream media won’t admit that they make mistakes at all, or they bury their corrections deep inside. We will make mistakes sometimes. Sometimes we will find out something that we believed confirmed and true was false. Sometimes we will write something that’s not as unbiased as we’d like.

Our corrections and clarifications will be printed boldly and prominently.

We don’t take reporting the news lightly, it colors how our readers see important issues and can enhance our shared community or divide it.

Our goal is to inform the people of Lancaster County what is happening in a fair and accurate manner, so that we help strengthen the bond between people when they agree, and encourage thought-provoking dialogue when they disagree.