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Angry Pennsylvanians Storm the Steps at Capitol, Blast Governor over COVID-19 Lockdown, Demand Rachel Levine Resign

Angry Pennsylvanians Storm the Steps at Capitol, Blast Governor over COVID-19 Lockdown, Demand Rachel Levine Resign

The fire is rising and people are saying enough is enough
By Trey 88 comments

For a detailed photo essay of all the great signs and people, see here: Great Signs and People at #ReOpen PA! Rally at the State Capitol May 15 – Photo Essay

The patriotic throng and the speakers alike had harsh words for the governor’s transgender Secretary of Health, Rachel Levine, a political appointee and former pediatrician with no background in public health policy.

“Rachel” Levine, PA Secretary of Health

Lancaster County resident and protest organizer Matt Bellis, whose ReOpen PA Facebook page already had more than 90,000 followers in just one week of existence, started the rally with a rousing question for the crowd.

“By a how of hands, let me see all the ‘selfish cowards’ here today!” Bellis said, mocking Governor Tom Wolf’s declaration earlier this week that those who are sick of the medically unsupported and draconian lockdown are “selfish cowards.”

Bellis punctuated his speech with a rousing chant that the crowd echoed – “Give up the power!” referring to Wolf’s seizure of emergency powers over against the vote of the majority of the state legislature.

At the end of his speech, Bellis implored the crowd – which included bikers, MAGA fans, libertarians, young people, business owners, veterans and seniors – to leave the capitol grounds quickly so that Wolf could “get back to his weekend home in Delware.”

State Rep. Russ Diamond, (R-102) called for the resignation of Secretary of Health Levine for the secretary’s gross mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“A complete and utter failure!” Diamond said.

Yet another speaker called out Levine for being an unqualified political appointee.

Levine, a transgender, was a pediatrician before being appointed to the public health policy position. Levine also came under fire this week for orders that seniors with COVID-19 be placed in nursing homes, while simultaneously secretly taking its own mother out of assisted living and putting her in a 5-star hotel.

Among the throngs were John and Erica, from Allentown, who attended Trump’s speech Thursday in Allentown.

“He’s incredible. Here? I don’t know what’s going on with that freak of a Health Secretary,” John said, referring to Levine.