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Antifa Continue Inciting Violence at Protests But LNP Continues Pushing False Narrative About ‘White Nationalists’

Antifa Continue Inciting Violence at Protests But LNP Continues Pushing False Narrative About ‘White Nationalists’

By Trey 235 comments

Even as evidence mounts that Antifa agitators are fueling the violence at protests across the country, the LNP persists in perpetuating the myth that “white nationalists” were behind the violence at the protest in Lancaster on May 31.

LNP is uncritically reporting the assertion by Lancaster Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser and Mayor Danene Sorace that “white nationalists” started the violence that led to police pepper spraying demonstrators on Sunday.

This is a ridiculous assertion that leaders in Minnesota and elsewhere have made to try to excuse the violence at other protests.

Where is the evidence? What evidence is there at all?

Calls to both the police chief and mayor’s office have gone unreturned.

The LNP, meanwhile, uncritically reports these baseless assertions as facts in their editorial today.

Meanwhile, evidence mounts that the Antifa menace are a major factor in fomenting the violence at peaceful protests.

Just west of us yesterday, in Pittsburgh, a suspected Antifa anarchist accused of inciting riots in Pittsburgh was turned in to police by his own parents.

Brian Bartels, 20, is accused of inciting violent protests in the city on Saturday in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd.

“Police secured the warrant as part of an investigation into a male suspect who incited Saturday’s violence by breaking the windows out of a marked Pittsburgh Police vehicle Uptown, against the wishes of peaceful protesters who tried to stop him,” police spokesman Chris Togneri told Fox News of the search law enforcement conducted on his home in Shaler, PA.

Pittsburgh Police Chief Scott Schubert attributed the chaos across the city to Antifa. “I’m willing to bet my check that there’s a lot of people who are anarchists, who, they’re not here to protest what happened, they’re not here to protest what happened, they’re here to take advantage of situations and throw it their way and bring other people into the mix and cause damage and cause injury,” Chief Schubert told KTKA-TV.

Schubert added, “There’s no doubt that that’s who’s doing it and a lot of things we’re seeing are white males, dressed in the anarchist, ANTIFA, they’re ones who are fueling a lot of this. It’s just a damn shame that they took advantage of the situation, for something, something happened in another state where somebody died who shouldn’t have died, and they hijacked that message for their own.”

During the riots, Bartels was wearing the trademark attire of Antifa militants: a black bandanna and a black hoodie. President Donald Trump says he’s moving to designate the organization a domestic terrorist group.

The Post-Gazeete reports that Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto said he has talked to mayors in cities across the country who have all seen a parallel pattern of behavior throughout the recent protests.

“When I talk to mayors across this country, the same thing is happening in city after city,” Mr. Peduto told the paper. “This group are anarchists, and their mission is destruction. It is part of their mission: chaos and destruction. To just throw the table over for the sake of throwing the table over.”

And USA Today reports that despite claims by Democratic officials from Minneapolis that “white supremacists” or “foreign actors” are responsible for the violent riots seen across the nation, Adam Leggat, a former British Army counterterrorism officer who now works as a security consultant specializing in crowd management for the Densus Group, said intelligence reports from his colleagues indicate most of the hard-core protesters in Minneapolis are far-left or anarchists, and that far-right groups have not yet made a significant appearance.

But LNP and the Lancaster city leadership are not interested in truth, or evidence.

They are interested in perpetuating a liberal narrative, no matter how laughably silly it is.

Lancaster County deserves better than this gaslighting.