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At This Point They’re Just Trolling Us as Gov. Flip Flops on Mail-in Ballots

At This Point They’re Just Trolling Us as Gov. Flip Flops on Mail-in Ballots

By The Editor 4,034 comments

By Trey Garrison

The hits just keep coming.

Remember the USPS love letters and and the Wolf Administration saying how mail-in ballots were safe and secure, and you should do it to protect yourself from COVID-19?

Oh, and of course there will be no voter fraud?


(Harrisburg) — The Wolf administration is asking people who have not yet sent in their mail-in ballot to deliver it in person.

Election Day is just a week away, and delays in mail delivery across the commonwealth have been ongoing since the summer.

State leaders including Gov. Tom Wolf and Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar aren’t counting on the USPS to improve any time soon. They both urged mail-in voters Tuesday to bring their ballots to a drop box or a county election office between now and next Tuesday to guarantee they’re counted in time.

“If you applied for a mail ballot, now is the time to return it so you can make sure it counts,” Boockvar said. “Make sure, no matter what, that you drop off your ballot by 8 p.m. on Election Day. But don’t wait. Do it today.”

So, apparently now your vote is worth risking the ‘rona for.

Oh no, wait – you can gather for BLM/antifa protests and to turn in your ballot, but you can’t if you are a superspreader if you attend a Trump rally.

Mainstream politicians and mainstream media are such a joke.