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BLM Protest in York That Turned Violent in June  Shows “Peaceful Protesters” Is a Media Narrative

BLM Protest in York That Turned Violent in June Shows “Peaceful Protesters” Is a Media Narrative

By Trey 1,771 comments

Corporate media nationwide in Lancaster County would have you believe the BLM protests are all peaceful, and the trick is they simply don’t report on the violence, or they want blame it on boogeymen like “white nationalists” or “outside agitators.”

They also rail against people and businesses that bring in security to protect themselves in case protests turn violent, such as what happened in Elizabethtown a few weeks ago.

The reality is 24 people have been killed in violent BLM riots in May and June nationwide, and protests are only peaceful until the moment they are not, as happened in Lancaster on May 31.

And the violence isn’t restricted to urban areas like Philadelphia. It’s happening in rural Pennsylvania protests as well.

On June 1, a BLM march in York turned bloody, but it was hardly remarked upon in the mainstream media.

Here in Lancaster County, the BLM protests have largely died off, but it’s something to keep in mind every time you open the newspaper or log on to a news site and see them beating the constant refrain of “peaceful protesters.”

Because, as mentioned, things are always peaceful until they are not, and then it can be too late.

From Harrisburg100:

York, Pa – Violence erupted during a Black Lives Matter march through the streets of York, Pennsylvania, protesting the death of George Floyd.

The march turned into a full blown riot when a large crowd of violent people mobbed a white female who was driving her car on the street during the impromptu march.

Watch the scene unfold, filmed by Aimee Lewis:

According to WHTM

The march began at Penn Park, moved to the police station, then became a parade down George Street, which still had cars occupying the road. The roads were not blocked off, which meant that vehicles had to yield way for protestors. 

The march took a violent turn when a fight broke out between a protester and a driver. The driver got out of their vehicle, while several people swarmed around the car in a scuffle. The commotion eventually resulted in someone jumping on the vehicle and shattering the rear window. 

Police were nowhere to be found during the ensuing chaos, while protestors were angered that some drivers continued on despite people occupying the roads.

Update: According to York Mayor Michael Helfrich, “It is clear so far from the footage that nobody was dragged out of the car.”

Ignore what you saw in the video.