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By the Numbers: COVID-19 and Its Effects on Lancaster County and PA

By the Numbers: COVID-19 and Its Effects on Lancaster County and PA

It's costing lives, but even more so it's costing jobs - Calculate what you think the risk is
By Trey 84 comments

Here’s the breakdown. What do you think?

The following is from the Pennsylvania Department of Health:

The average age of Pennsylvanians who have died is 79.

70% of those who have died lived in nursing home, personal care homes and assisted living residences.

About 12% had 4 comorbidities, about 23% had 3 comorbidities, about 27% had 2 comorbidities and about 11% had no comorbidities.

61% have had hypertension, 54% had heart disease, 37% had diabetes and 30% had chronic pulmonary disease.

There are 37,000 beds in Pennsylvania hospitals. About 2,500 are occupied by COVID-19 patients, or roughly 7%.

There are less than 530 patients in hospitals on ventilators, or about 1.4% of all hospital beds.

The following is from the Lancaster County Workforce Development Board and the US Department of Labor:

51,000 Lancaster County residents have filed for unemployment since March 1.

The unemployment rate in Lancaster County now tops 22%.

Unemployment claims in Pennsylvania since March 15 top 1.8 million.

The state unemployment rate has now exceeded 27%.

About 75,557 Pennsylvanians filed new claims in the week ending May 9.

Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, which like many state agencies has been overwhelmed with unprecedented jobless claims, this week said it had issued about 13.9 million payments in eight weeks, totaling more than $6.8 billion. That’s nearly four times the benefits paid out to jobless workers for all of last year.