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EXCLUSIVE: LNP Employee Among Those Facing $1M Bail for Felony Rioting, Arson in Lancaster Unrest

EXCLUSIVE: LNP Employee Among Those Facing $1M Bail for Felony Rioting, Arson in Lancaster Unrest

By Trey 15,500 comments

Late in the violent riots in downtown Lancaster on Monday, Police charged into the crowd targeting those identified as ringleaders and instigators.

Fourteen were arrested and face $1 million bail, including an employee of LNP | lancasteronline.

Matthew Modderman, 31, was arrested Monday at the 100 block of Prince Street near the Lancaster Bureau of Police headquarters, where for hours antifa and BLM rioters clashed with police officers amid tear gas, pepper spray and pepper balls from law enforcement in response to bricks and rocks.

Protesters attacked police, set fires, assaulted white passerbys and destroyed property in response to Lancaster Police shooting a knife-wielding felon who attacked them Sunday afternoon after a domestic disturbance call.

Modderman is charged with multiple felonies and misdemeanors, including: Arson (F1), Institutional Vandalism (F3), Riot (F3), Failure to Disperse (M2), Obstructing Highways and Other Public Passages (M3), Disorderly Conduct (M3) and Defiant Trespass (M3). (additional counts of Criminal Conspiracy for all charges is included on the complaint) Modderman was held at Lancaster County Prison in lieu of $1,000,000 bail.

As Lancaster-blog first reported, police observed rioters for hours, identifying the worst instigators and offenders before moving in to sweep them up at and after 3 a.m. Monday.

From the Lancaster Police Department release:

Officers made a total of (8) arrests ( The updated total is 12 adults and 1 juvenile ) related to the arson/riot outside of the Police station. The arrests were made at approximately 0300 hrs. and shortly thereafter. All suspects arrested were transported to the Lancaster Bureau of Police station for processing and to be held for arraignment. (4) of the (8) suspects are from outside of Lancaster County. (2) of the suspects were armed with handguns during the protest and riot. Those handguns were recovered by Officers after the arrests. (Only Montague was charged with an offense related to illegal possession of firearm)

As Lancaster-blog also first reported, violence erupted late Sunday night and early Monday morning in downtown Lancaster city, as BLM and antifa clashed with law enforcement near the Lancaster Police headquarters on Chestnut.

A call to Modderman’s phone at LNP went to voicemail.

More than a 1,000 had gathered in a protest after Lancaster police officers responding to a domestic disturbance call on Sunday afternoon were forced to shoot a knife-wielding attacker, Ricardo Munoz, 27, a violent felon with a history of stabbing four people including an adolescent.

Police body camera footage shows Munoz charging the officers with a large knife before being brought down by defensive gunfire by a retreating officer. His name has not been released and he is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of a standard incident investigation.

The LNP has not responded to requests for comment about the alleged violent crimes of its employee, and questions remain about why LNP has been so reluctant to cover the threat local antifa face to the peace in Lancaster County.