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EXCLUSIVE: PA GOP in Chaos – Trump Down 8 in State Internal Poll; Republican Insiders Say Trump Has Lost Support of Conservatives Who Won Him The Keystone State in 2016

EXCLUSIVE: PA GOP in Chaos – Trump Down 8 in State Internal Poll; Republican Insiders Say Trump Has Lost Support of Conservatives Who Won Him The Keystone State in 2016

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Editor’s Note: The use of unnamed sources is a necessary evil for journalists when obtaining inside information. Lancaster-blog will strive to minimize the use of them, but sometimes sources have to be protected.

A consensus is building among GOP insiders and strategists in Pennsylvania that President Trump will lose this state come Nov. 3, and the president has no one to blame but himself.

Lancaster-blog has interviewed eight GOP and Trump campaign field operatives, strategists, campaign workers and volunteers.

The picture that emerges is a state campaign in chaos.

The latest internal Republican poll has Trump down 8 points, and campaign leaders are furious, demanding 50% increases in contacts and phone calls from campaign workers.

“We had a conference call the week of June 13, and they were screaming at us,” one campaign worker told Lancaster-blog.

The reason Trump is doing so poorly, one strategist said, is two-fold.

“For starters, conservatives in Pennsylvania are disillusioned. (Trump) hasn’t delivered on any of his campaign promises and no amount of spin or PR from the White House is convincing,” he said.

Among complaints campaign workers are getting from voters they speak to:

  • Trump couldn’t get $5 billion for his wall, but could send more than $38 billion over 10 years in foreign aid to Middle Eastern countries
  • In the wake of weeks of violence, riots, arson and vandalism, Trump’s response was to sign police reform orders that punish police
  • The wall that is being built is nothing compared to what was promised
  • Immigration – both legal and illegal – remained at record highs at least until the COVID shutdown

“This is not what independents and conservatives in Pennsylvania voted for,” the strategist said. “Tweets aren’t policy wins.”

The second part of why Trump is polling so poorly, the strategist said, can be gleaned from the state GOP’s turnout vs. persuasion polls.

“People don’t hate (Democratic presidential candidate Joe) Biden like they hated Hillary. The prevailing attitude seems to be yes, he’s a nutcase and mentally impaired, but he’s not Trump and people want something bedsides Trump,” he said.

Some national polls have Trump losing by double digits, which the White House and loyalist pundits have tried to brush off as “fake news.”

But there’s reason for the Republican Party to be worried.

Last Saturday’s low-turnout Tulsa rally was a disaster no matter how the White House has tried to spin it, and the excuse that it was sabotaged by anti-Trump activists online doesn’t hold water – the trick of reserving tickets en masse has been used for years.

The problem is, as one strategist put to Lancaster-blog quite bluntly, “Trump talks a big game but he doesn’t get actual wins.”  

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