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Gov. Wolf and Rachel Levine’s War on the Keystone State’s Children | Diane Knight

Gov. Wolf and Rachel Levine’s War on the Keystone State’s Children | Diane Knight

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By Diane Knight

One of the most terrifying things about Rachel Levine is not the fact that she is personally responsible for countless deaths in the Pennsylvania care homes, nor her personal lifestyle choices, nor even the monstrous hypocrisy of putting her own mother in a hotel while setting up our state’s elderly to perish by Covid-19.

The absolute worst thing about her is the fact that she is a child psychiatrist, and in this quality she has waged a merciless and cruel war on our state’s children, on their well-being and mental health.

We’ve been told we had to stay indoors, wear masks and hide from the world because otherwise we kill grandma.

Well guess what? Grandma died anyway because Rachel Levine and Wolf put a coronavirus patient in her care home, and we’re still supposed to do it.

And in all this discussion, there is not one word about the other people who suffer, because there’ also grownups, kids, babies and teens in the Keystone state, and nobody is speaking for them.

We’ve heard the grownups, they have been protesting loud and clear, braved the draconian restrictions imposed by a totalitarian government and did their best.

But what about the children?

The children who lost grandma?

 The children who lost their playgrounds, friends, and even things as simple as a bike ride, or meeting with your friends?

The children who are suffering untold mental health damage because they are confined indoors alone, in conditions considered to be too cruel for the hardened criminals released by the left-wing politicians because the risk of them committing more crimes didn’t matter compared to the damage done to them by staying in the prisons their choices put them in?

Why is Rachel Levine not considering the children, who are literally at NO RISK WHATSOEVER from Covid-19 unless they are immunocompromised, are suffering serious mental health damage from the lack of social interaction and friends and the loss of the grandparents she had a hand in killing?

Why is Governor Wolf not considering for a second anything BUT his own power-mad tendencies?

Why do they hate children?

Meanwhile my friends in Europe are telling me about countries who have reopened their schools, where people can go on holiday and the most dangerous one, about having street fairs.

No masks, just 5-foot social distancing and hand sanitizer.

Why don’t our children deserve this?

Why can’t my young neighbours’ kids go out and eat cotton candy and enjoy a carousel?

Why can’t my niece go to school and prepare for college?

Why can’t we have things our cousins in Europe have?

The children are one of the most invisible groups of victims of Wolf’s war on the Keystone state, and we need to speak for them.

And the fact a CHILD PSYCHIATRIST just doesn’t care about it while she endorses and creates insane policies unsupported by science or humanity? That is the monstrous part.

Or maybe Rachel Levine just wants to make sure she has plenty of clientele after she gets thrown out on her behind for her incompetence.

Diane Knight lives in Lancaster County.