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Governor Wolf Shows How Once a Tyrant Has Power They Don’t Want to Give it Up

Governor Wolf Shows How Once a Tyrant Has Power They Don’t Want to Give it Up

The toadies at LNP want people to live in fear, not freedom
By Trey 91 comments

From local elected representatives to the ordinary man on the street, Pennsylvanians are absolutely fed up with Democrat Governor Tom Wolf’s draconian stay-at-home order.

But that’s not stopping Wolf. In fact he’s doubling down on his dictatorial reign using the COVID-19 virus as his cloak.

This week several Lancaster County officials from the county, federal and state levels showed some true backbone, and announced their intention to disobey Wolf’s imperial reign, and begin reopening some businesses.

(Want a real perspective? Join the ReOpenPA group on FaceBook. Here’s an interview from NewTalk 104.1)

Under Wolf’s reopening plan, Lancaster should be in the “red” phase with strict social-distancing directives and an order for businesses that aren’t “life-sustaining” to close. The county has been under a strict stay-at-home order since March 27.

A power-drunk Wolf struck back, lashing out at those leaders and accusing them of “choosing to surrender” in the fight against the coronavirus.

More ominously, he threatened to withhold federal relief money – which he does not have the power to do – and to yank business licenses and liability protection from business that stood up against his lockdown orders.

Like any tyrant, Wolf cloaked his authoritarian actions in the flag of patriotic war talk.

“We Pennsylvanians are in a fight for our lives. The enemy is a virus bent on destroying us,” Wolf said. “Some of us have chosen to surrender to the virus. They are choosing to desert in the middle of a war that we Pennsylvanians are beginning to win.”

Officials in several counties who believe their low case counts merit reopening announced plans to move ahead on their own. County district attorneys in York and Lancaster counties, along with the elected prosecutor in Beaver County, announced that they would not enforce violations of those orders.

Violating the orders is “not only morally wrong, it’s bad for business.” Wolf warned, as if he somehow cares more for a business’s clients and customers than the business owner with skin in the game.

Here’s the list of threats from the governor’s office.

Counties will not be eligible for federal stimulus discretionary funds the state receives and intends to provide to counties with populations of fewer than 500,000.

“Businesses in counties that do not abide by the law will no longer be eligible for business liability insurance and the protections it provides. The Pennsylvania Department of Insurance released details of this earlier today.

“Restaurants that reopen for dine-in service in counties that have not been authorized to reopen will be at risk of losing their liquor license.

“County residents receiving unemployment compensation will be able to continue to receive benefits even if their employer reopens. Employees may choose not to return out of concern for personal safety and safety of co-workers.”

U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker, R- Lancaster said Monday’s news conference was another example of Wolf’s “go-it-alone approach,” noting the Wolf administration’s past secrecy in decision-making processes like business waiver applications.

“He could’ve said he is looking forward to conversations with commissioners in these counties who intend to move forward with or without his support, but none of that,” Smucker said.

“Really, he’s been doubling down on the way he’s approached this all along,” Smucker added.

Sen. Scott Martin, R-Martic Township, another signer who stressed his time as a county commissioner and relationships with local officials and first responders, said he “had a tough time getting past” Wolf’s comments.

Meanwhile, speaking like a gaggle of Karens, the cat-lady toadies at LNP issued a snarky list of 22 questions for GOP officials who want to relax Wolf’s stay-at-home dictate.

Among the more castrated and disingenuous questions are these:

1. To be considered for a partial reopening under the state guidelines, counties must have fewer than 50 new coronavirus cases per 100,000 residents over the previous 14 days. Lancaster County’s score under that metric dropped to 114 by Monday — still more than twice the level that the Wolf administration says is safe for reopening. You have questioned the state’s metrics. What specific metrics are you using and how are they better than those used by the state?

Why aren’t you, LNP, and the state Department of Health disaggregating the nursing home deaths from the general population?

Is it because, as this shows, for instance, on May 11 alone, of the 75 deaths that day, 59 were in nursing homes, while all other COVID deaths were just 16? The total share in the state since the outbreak began in Pennsylvania of nursing home deaths is 68.6%.

That’s right – almost 7 of every 10 deaths attributable in Pennsylvania have been the elderly and infirmed.

Sort of blows your concern trolling about the number of deaths per 100,000 out of the water.

4. Can’t businesses now declare that they’ll reopen without taking any social distancing measures, given that Lancaster County District Attorney Heather Adams, also a Republican, announced Sunday that her office won’t prosecute stay-at-home order violations?

Oh really? The DA Heather Adams said she won’t prosecute individuals who violate the stay-at-home orders, not that businesses would be protected if they don’t exercise reasonable social distancing. Nice bait and switch.

5. The governor’s executive order on businesses during the COVID-19 emergency has been upheld by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and the U.S. Supreme Court declined to lift it. Does the Republican Party remain, in your view, the party of law and order?

Easily the most disingenuous. The rule of law requires that the law comport with American standards of liberty and freedom. It does not require that American citizens bend the knee to tyrannical laws.

10. We are very pro-testing, but we must ask: What type of test will be used in nursing homes? Will it be the type that requires that a swab be inserted deep into the nasal cavity? If it is, is it fair to subject asymptomatic elderly individuals to such a painful procedure?

This is just insulting. This is grasping at straws.

14. “Has the county implemented countywide contact tracing?”

15. “Does the county have an early warning system in place so that we can continue to ensure our health care systems do not become overwhelmed in the future?”

16. Does the county have sufficient personal protective equipment “ready for distribution to our businesses?”

17. “Does the county have a fund up and running to offset costs related to retrofitting facilities?”

“Oh heavens! If everything is not perfect, it’s not worth even trying!” What if, what if, what if?

20. Say your teenage kid comes home and says he wants to have a party with 40 of his friends. You say that he can’t because it’s still not safe for people to gather in groups that large. He ignores you. Will you discipline him? If you don’t respect the law, why should our children?

“When did you stop beating your wife?”

That’s the level the wine aunts at LNP are operating at now.

21. This is National Hospital Week. Before you sent your letter to the governor, did you consider the potential impact on hospital employees? What will you say to the doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, hospital cleaners and others who are risking their lives now to care for COVID-19 patients?

Have you considered the impact this lockdown has had on small businesses that won’t ever reopen, or the now 22% of Lancaster County that is unemployed?

No, you only listen to the dictatorial whims of Governor Wolf and his mentally impaired, obese, transsexual Secretary of Health, Rachel Levine.

(Yes, that’s a trustworthy looking fellow.)

You haven’t considered that the lockdowns were driven by relying too much on theoretical modeling, ignoring data on the ground, and news and social media wanting a lockdown.

Worse, you don’t seem to care that deaths resulting from the lockdown – everything from suicide to overdoses – are on pace to exceed COVID-19 deaths.

Watch this video from BBC News – it’s only 12 minutes – and you’ll see how much we’ve been misled by charlatans, fussy mother hens and Chinese emperors wannabes.