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Governor Wolf Vetoes Telemedicine Bill to Serve Pro-Abortion Zealots, Putting All Pennsylvanians at Risk

Governor Wolf Vetoes Telemedicine Bill to Serve Pro-Abortion Zealots, Putting All Pennsylvanians at Risk

Nothing is more important to this governor than expanding abortion
By Trey 45 comments

Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed a bipartisan telemedicine bill that would have expanded telemedicine options in the Keystone State, siding with Planned Parenthood and pro-abortion zealots.

The bill, supported by Pennsylvania hospitals and FDA regulations, was Senate Bill 857 that would have increased access to safe telemedicine while upholding standards of care and protecting patient safety.

This kind of expansion of care is critical for rural and urban patients, as well as working class Pennsylvanians who can’t afford regular doctor’s office visits.

It’s even more critical right now, during this COVID-19 shutdown, when everything possible to allow distancing should be approved.

“Telemedicine is a game changer for rural families, and it helps people throughout the state. Our rural families would no longer have to travel hours to receive medical care,” State Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman (R), said.  “Those in more urban settings would not need to rely on public transportation schedules to get to their doctor appointment on time.”

Wolf, Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortionists opposed the bill because one of the dozens of drugs on the FDA’s Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies list that must be administered in-person in a clinical setting is an abortion drug.

Basically, while the bill greatly and safely expanded the scope of treatment possible through telemedicine in the state, it didn’t include a single abortion drug, so the pro-abortion lunatics wanted it killed.

“When Planned Parenthood wants a veto, Governor Tom Wolf gives it to them every time – no matter the impact on the health and well-being of Pennsylvania citizens,” says Michael Geer, President of the Pennsylvania Family Institute, in a written statement.

This wasn’t something out of the blue from pro-life advocates. The standard excluding the abortion drug came from the FDA. The legislation included a requirement to follow the safety guidelines for all drugs on the FDA’s Risk Evaluations and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) list by delivering these drugs in-person in a healthcare facility. The REMS list includes Mifeprex, the abortion pill, because of the health risks it presents to women.

“If the FDA says a drug isn’t safe to be administered outside of a clinical setting then we shouldn’t endanger the lives and health of Pennsylvanians by allowing it,” Corman wrote in a recent op-ed.

By his veto, Governor Wolf is saying he is willing to put more women at risk by bucking FDA guidelines in making an exception for abortion, and to make Pennsylvanians suffer because they won’t now have access to telemedicine options.

Many in the healthcare system supported the bill, including the Hospital and Healthsystem Association in Pennsylvania (HAP), supported this bill.

HAP supports Senate Bill 857 because of the progress it represents in establishing telemedicine’s rightful place at the forefront of the newly emerging health system of the future,” the organization said in a written statement.

The Pennsylvania Family Institute notes that Governor Wolf has a history of issuing vetoes on reasonable abortion regulations, including the Down Syndrome Protection Act, which would have protected unborn children from being targeted for abortion solely based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome, as well as legislation that would have ended late-term abortions that occur after 20 weeks in pregnancy.

Most egregiously, Governor Wolf cancelled all elective surgeries in Pennsylvania in response to COVID-19, including cancer surgeries and screenings, but kept abortion clinics open.

That’s right, you can’t get a life-saving cancer screening or surgery, but if you want a life-terminating, non-essential procedure like abortion – Governor Wolf has got your back.

“Now, once again, Governor Wolf denies Pennsylvanians expanded healthcare unless it allows abortion expansion,” said Tom Shaheen, Vice President for Policy at Pennsylvania Family Institute. “It’s incredibly sad that he’s chosen to hold good legislation hostage just to advance his pro-abortion politics.”