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How America Failed to Manage a Measly Virus, Creating the Biggest Murder Mystery in History |Diane Knight

How America Failed to Manage a Measly Virus, Creating the Biggest Murder Mystery in History |Diane Knight

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By Diane Knight

We can sit here and talk about Covid-19 and the unexplainable mistakes made in its management here in Pennsylvania under Gov. Tom Wolf all day long. But the fact is, some questions are raising their ugly heads a bit too often, and the good people of Lancaster County – heck, the people of the entire nation – have a right to some answers.

The issues are so numerous that we could list them on 20 pages and not really go too far, so I have decided to analyze this step by step.

What happened?

We all know C-19 originated in China sometimes in the fall of 2019, perhaps as early as October. The Chinese authorities at first ignored and tried to paper over the cases, but the epidemic became so dangerous they eventually were forced to come clean, quarantine a lot of people, and take some very severe measures to contain it.

But these measures were too little too late for the rest of the world – in January alone, when the existence of Covid-19 was known, China still allowed about 7 million Chinese citizens to fly all over the world without any precautions.

These people spread the disease everywhere. As a result, the illness spread in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, creating countless victims.

Could this disaster have been avoided early?

Absolutely. The impact of Covid-19 could’ve easily been mitigated down to almost nothing – if it had been taken seriously from the beginning.

However, this didn’t happen. When citizens and authorities attempted to implement mitigating measures, the press and liberal politicians protested and sabotaged these measures to extreme extents.

Few people remember, but President Donald Trump proposed closing the US borders to any flights from China in January, and was attacked severely attacked by the same people who want to force you to wear a mask and hide indoors for the next 5 years.

The media and the DNC called his reasonable and just measure “racist” and the left-wing politicians were so hysterical about it they invited the public to go to Chinatown to prove they aren’t racist.

This, let’s be very clear, was going on while the borders were still open and no measures had been put in place to screen those coming into the United States.

How many people were contaminated because the left-wing media and politicians told them it was okay to go to Chinatown? 

Probably a lot. The cities with the biggest Chinese communities suffered the worst. New York City’s infestation can probably be attributed to this insane gesture of political correctness.

A lot of the New York deaths could’ve been avoided if liberal politicians would have been reasonable instead of chasing woke points at the cost of lives.

Was the CDC wrong?

The Centers for Disease Control has been wrong in everything they advised, because they decided to operate as a political arm of the DNC instead of serving the American public.

In the beginning of the pandemic, the CDC advised that wearing masks had no effect and recommended against it. While we do not like masks, the countries who used masks early like South Korea and Hong Kong managed their spread so well they almost never had one.

The excuse of the CDC and World Health Organization was that they didn’t want ordinary people to deplete the stocks of masks who should’ve been saved for professionals.

This decision is very likely to have contribute to the massive spread in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The CDC advised that care home patients who had been hospitalized could be returned to the care homes, providing the care homes had specially isolated Covid-19 care units completely separated from the rest of the buildings.

However, most care homes could not afford created special fully isolated units for Covid-19 patients who in many cases were just put back in their own rooms.

Care homes are notoriously understaffed and while the CDC recommended special staff be allocated to the Covid-19 units who had no contact with other patients and staff, but this is impossible in most care homes.

The CDC’s directive did not take into consideration real-world conditions in care homes and as such endangered the elderly patients, many of the subsequent deaths could’ve been avoided if the positive-tested patients had been kept in hospital.

It is likely at least half of the care homes victims could have been saved without this irresponsible directive.

Great job, Secretary of Health Rachel Levine.

The CDC directives were obviously wrong and politically motivated.  How many lives did this political stabbing cost?


The CDC stated that Hydroxychloroquine was not approved for us to combat Covid-19 symptoms, despite the fact the trials had very good results.

Numerous studies showed that countries that used hydroxychloroquine are now open and have had significantly lower rates of death than those who didn’t.

So, what is the deal with HyCLQ? It is a generic antimalarial drug created in Germany before World War 2. It is generic so the cost of a pill is about .20 cents, and its results have been well-documented since April.

On April 14, 2020, a paper by the French researcher Maxime Izoulet showed that “Countries which Primarily Use Antimalarial Drugs As COVID-19 Treatment See Slower Dynamic of Daily Deaths”

However, this humble solution was immediately and vehemently attacked by a lot of “specialists”. President Trump talked about it, and the next thing we know we’re told a couple died because they drank aquarium cleaner which contains HyClQ.

The prestigious journal The Lancet published on 17th April a study that claimed Covid-19 patients treated with hydroxychloroquine did not have better outcomes than patients in the control group. The trials stopped despite the fact that many countries reported good results with HyClQ.

That Lancet study was withdrawn as it turns out the methodology was deeply flawed.

The World Health Organization did not restart the trials on HyClQ until June.

A drug that showed promising results and that was immediately attacked. A study used to stop it, that turns out to have been wrong.

How many lives would’ve been saved with MyClQ was used instead of the protracted process we have seen? The United States chose to ignore the facts on HyClQ and have had incredibly high rates of infection and deaths.
Who profited from this campaign against a drug that seemed to be working?


Created by the Israeli owned company Gilead as a general antiviral, Remdesivir has been for a long time a drug looking for a disease to cure. Presented as a cure for Ebola it performed poorly, and for years it just existed in Gilead’s vaults as a property that wasn’t making its money back.

Any disease it had been tried on, Remdesivir showed poor results and  awful side effects, nausea, vomiting, respiratory impairments and organ failure.

Then in 2020 Covid-19 hits, and we suddenly see Remdesivir being pushed through the FDA hoops as an emergency use drug for Covid-19 as early as end of April 2020.

At this time, only one study had been conducted on Remdesivir, an expensive drug that costs in the thousands.  Yet it had been pushed through the FDA, shortly after a study that denied the efficacity of the much cheaper and more tested Hydroxychloroquine.

At the same, time Remdesivir had been quietly approved all over Europe.

So, who makes this magical drug? Did it work?


Not only it doesn’t work, but the results are so bad that the WHO restarted the research into HyCLQ in June.

And here’s where it gets interesting.

As early as 23rd April 2020, a Chinese study showed that Remdesivir had failed its first trial.  This was published in the WHO clinical trials database, but the study was immediately removed. Gilead claimed the study mischaracterized their drug.

News of the failed trial spread after the WHO posted details on its clinical trials database, before it was removed. The WHO has since confirmed the draft report was mistakenly uploaded.

It showed that researchers studied 237 patients, administering the drug to 158 and comparing their progress with the remaining 79, who received a placebo.

After a month, 13.9% of the patients taking the drug had died compared to 12.8% of those receiving the placebo. The trial was stopped early because of side-effects.

“Remdesivir was not associated with clinical or virological benefits,” the summary states.

All three main US stock indexes fell back from gains of over 1% after the news broke over the trial.

If Remdesivir failed its first trial, why was it pushed through FDA?

The answer lies here: “For another task force member, the profits could come from the coronavirus itself. Joseph Grogan was a lobbyist for the pharmaceutical giant Gilead Sciences before he joined the Trump administration as director of the Domestic Policy Council and led the Drug Pricing and Innovation Work Group. On Wednesday, after Gilead announced that it would be starting two clinical trials of an antiviral drug that could be used to treat Covid-19, the company’s stock price surged.”

A member of Trump’s Coronavirus Task force is a lobbyist for Gilead.

I don’t know about you, but I am seeing clues.


Are masks necessary?

They were. If they had been used in the beginning, they could’ve cut down the spread. But right now? It’s safe to say and many specialists agree the virus is pretty spread. We also know you can’t actually catch it just by passing by someone who has it. It is more likely to be caught through prolonged exposure in a closed space.

A mask on the street will not really help now, because the virus is everywhere and most people have already developed a form of herd immunity to it.

A mask in an indoor space like a bus or train is probably a good idea though – that is how they do it in Europe.

A mask in hospital? Definitely. But everywhere else? No.


Europe is completely reopened. Restaurants, shops etc. There are disinfectant bottles at the entrance in shops and some restrictions on how many people can you have in at the same time, but that’s it.

There is no actual need for the lockdown now. It is obvious by now that it is just a malicious measure created to control people and destroy small businesses. The left-wing politicians who are, as explained above, vastly responsible for the mismanagement of what is a mild illness for 99% of the people however need the small businesses to die.

They want everybody to work for Amazon, because it’s a lot easier to control people when they all work in a few places, and all of the corporations that profit from the killing of small businesses are DNC contributors. Isn’t that strange?

To Conclude

So, whodunit? Who is responsible for more deaths in the USA than World War 1, World War 2 and the Vietnam conflict, combined?

Because it doesn’t look like a virus with the infection rate of the flu.
But it sure looks like a lot of people put their political and financial agendas above the lives of good American people.

And there should be a reckoning.

Meanwhile in Europe, most countries are reopened and while the good people of Pennsylvania are expected to stay indoors and lose their livelihood., countries like the Netherlands are fully open, with masks only required on public transport- which is a pretty decent measure –  all businesses open, children back in school for over 2 months and street fairs.

The Netherlands started reopening in May. It only had three new Corona related deaths yesterday after no deaths for two weeks.

It never implemented lockdown, just decent social distancing at five feet, disinfectant available in all shops and isolating the sick in their homes.

So if a small country with the highest population density in Europe can handle this virus… why can’t we?

Because it looks like a bunch of politicians and media hacks and lobbyists decided their agendas were worth putting people’s lives at risk.

It’s a murder case.

A murder of over 100,000 victims with millions more harmed.

Diane Knight lives in Lancaster County.