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If You’re Wondering Why the Failed PA Health Secretary Gets a Pass Despite Hypocrisy, Mismanagement – Here’s Why

If You’re Wondering Why the Failed PA Health Secretary Gets a Pass Despite Hypocrisy, Mismanagement – Here’s Why

Xe scores very high on the progressive victimhood stack
By Trey 76 comments

The Pennsylvania Health Secretary continues to get a pass despite displaying rank incompetence, mismanagement of records and recently revealed rank hypocrisy in taking xir’s own mother out of a nursing home and putting her in a five-star hotel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It seems strange that the press wouldn’t hold such a public creature as him to accountability. Instead, Levine has gotten a pass.

Then you realize that they judge Levine – who was (obviously) born a man – in the same way that he got the job as Health Secretary – as a transgender and therefore high on the progressive stack.

From the Penn Capital-Starr:

Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine has become the face of the coronavirus response in Pennsylvania, giving daily briefings on the latest health information about the virus, sometimes drawing criticism but always maintaining a steadfast demeanor in front of the cameras as she reminds people to wash their hands and stay safe. 

Levine was a minor celebrity within the Wolf administration already, as the first transgender woman to hold a statewide cabinet position in Pennsylvania. 

Levine has also taken fire for her management of the crisis, including revelations this week that she moved her aged mother out of a nursing home even as infections and deaths in the facilities continued to rise. At an online briefing Wednesday, Levine defended the decision, Newsweek reported. She has faced calls, by Republican lawmakers, for resignation.

For members of the trans community in Pittsburgh, Levine is an inspiration, Thomas said. 

“It’s extremely important to see not just that trans people exist, but that we can lead the charge on issues and we’re capable of doing unimaginable work,” Thomas said. “I’m always inspired by the work she’s doing and how she’s able to stay so calm.” 

There you have it. It’s not about Levine’s qualifications, or his (bungled) handling of the COVID-19 outbreak, or the way the DOH has juggled the numbers to justify the lockdown.

It’s about identity politics.

In fact Levine was doing an interview, where he is obligated to provide public information on a health crisis, and yet he stormed out because the interviewer referred to him by his biological sex, rather than his imagined identity.

A Pittsburgh radio station is again under scrutiny after one of its reporters called Department of Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine, a transgender woman, “sir” at least three times during a Tuesday press call.

The incident happened while KDKA-AM personality Marty Griffin was asking a question about what the state’s “end game” is for reopening after the coronavirus, according to the Pennsylvania Capital-Star.

Pennsylvanians deserve better from their public officials and from the mainstream press. And we deserve better than to have to indulge Levine or the pearl-clutching mainstream media in Levine’s identity delusions.