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Investigative Journalism is the Guardian of Democracy | Diane Knight

Investigative Journalism is the Guardian of Democracy | Diane Knight

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By Diane Knight

For many a year, the Western Civilization has relied on press to guard the citizens’ rights against the abuse of governments and other powerful forces.

The journalists were the heroes of the age, revealing abuse, fraud and crimes. The press was the shield the normal citizen had against government power and abusive lawlessness.

And then at some point that changed, because the forces who were perpetrating abuses of power realized the free press was their greatest enemy. So they went in and bought the free press off, and converted them from guardians of democracy into palace guards for the powerful.

This story has been repeating against and again. Every single time a newspaper or journalist went against the powerful they were threatened, killed or, most often, just bought off.

The result of that sort of action is what we are seeing in Lancaster County today. A corrupt family who made their fortune from slavery controls both left and right wing of local politics in the manner of banana republics.

A “newspaper” that constantly lies and manipulates facts, whose paid-in-cat food employees are pushing an agenda the vast majority of the people in Lancaster County reject, isn’t serving the community.

Guess what? The people of Lancaster County have spoken, and their support doesn’t sit behind the monopoly newspaper’s hacks and their corrupt owners.

These people think they own our county.

Lancaster County matters. Our people matter. Truth matters, and money doesn’t buy them the right to still the voices of conservative Christians.

This soon before one of the most important presidential elections in a century, our voices need to be heard, and by God they will be.

These people, the same ones who are responsible for cheering policies that resulted in the deaths of thousand elderly Pennsylvania citizens in care homes, the fires and destruction of last month, countless businesses driven to bankruptcy – they want to pull another fast one. For that they need us all to be quiet.

Pennsylvania is a battleground state. Every vote matters. And if you have been affected by the malfeasance of LNP or the criminal actions of the Wolf administration, we are here for you.

We will get answers, and will drag them out to light.

It’s time to open the windows and clean house.

Let all the rats beware.

Diane Knight lives in Lancaster County.