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It’s Time for People to Grow up and Cancel ‘Cancel Culture’ | Angela Phillips

It’s Time for People to Grow up and Cancel ‘Cancel Culture’ | Angela Phillips

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By Angela Phillips

Ronald Reagan once stated, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

It appears that this extinction generation has arrived with a vengeance and carries a burning “righteous” anger.

I’ve been privy to several instances of the “Righteous” Progressives’ attempts to “cancel” individuals. What I found interesting was the attackers were women and their targets, men.

First up, an elderly man who wrote and angry letter to his state representative. In it he used several profanities and words that polite people should not use.

While I disagree with his choice of language, he STILL has the right to free speech. It turned into an opportunity for the female politician to cast herself as the long-suffering heroine in a cheap novel.

Meanwhile she ordered her supporters to call his place of employment, demanding he be fired.

Her supporters also called the groups he volunteered or was associated with and demanded that he be thrown out. They even took aim at his family members. The man and his family have gone into hiding.

Next, let’s look at a political group that did not bend to this same group of progressive women. . Same female politician and her cronies, attack a local man for not signing onto their “no fossil fuel” promise, nor did he contribute to their campaign. Same tactics and behavior from the female politician and her supporters.

The frenzied women accused the man of everything from bribery to misogyny. Their attempts to dox him gained little traction outside their own group, thankfully.

Finally, a male public sector employee used an angry emoji. Yes, an angry emoji, expressing anger with Dr. Rachel Levine’s moving COVID patients into nursing homes, thereby causing the deaths of many elderly residents.

The same female-led group claimed the employee was “hateful” towards LGBT individuals and attempted to have him fired. He was not, but he is now firmly in the conservative camp.

These attempts at canceling people (especially men) shouldn’t be taken lightly by anyone. We are all equal under the law. One opinion does not out rank another no matter how much “righteousness” or “morality” one side may attempt attach to it.

Freedom of expression and disagreement are always a part and parcel of life. We cannot allow one side to dominate and prescribe what is “correct” and “acceptable” opinions, speech and thought. That is the opposite of freedom.

The time is now to push back. The time is now to speak out. The time is now to say no to “canceling” individuals. We must do it now, so that our children will know true freedom in their lifetimes.

Angela Phillips is a writer in Exton, PA.