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It’s Time for Some Context in those Lancaster County COVID-19 Numbers

It’s Time for Some Context in those Lancaster County COVID-19 Numbers

By Trey 4,169 comments

The LNP has an inscrutable but vested interest in continuing the COVID panic, acting as the mask Karens and pushing out weekly counts that, lacking context, continue the panic over the novel coronavirus.

But responsible journalism – granted in today’s world that’s nigh on an oxymoron – requires that information be presented with context.

This lack of context – and the fearmongering it allows – is why both the Pennsylvania Farm Show and Lancaster’s Velocity are going to be strictly online – which is to say, terrible.

On a weekly basis, the LNP reports total cases of COVID-19 to date, both in the state and in Lancaster County. For the record, it’s 125,579 for the state, and 6,260 for the county.

More ominously, they report the death count for the state and county since this thing began, which are 7,499 for Pennsylvania and 422 for Lancaster County, going back to March.

This tells the reader little without proper context.

For instance, some 69% of these are people in assisted and senior care facilities, which reveals much about the level of risk, and much more about the disastrous orders from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, which required nursing homes to take COVID-19 positive patients.

Further, almost 92% of COVID-19 deaths have been those 55 and older, while it’s just 2.7% for those 44 and younger.

A more contextual metric is how many people right now in Lancaster County are hospitalized with COVID-19.

Lancaster County Commissioner Josh Parsons laid it out today in a series of tweets.

Of course everyone should take reasonable precautions to prevent infection by any virus, and those at higher risk – the elderly, those with comorbidities such as obesity or respiratory problems, those with compromised immune systems – should take extra precautions.

Consider that more people have already died this year from pneumonia than from COVID-19.

But throttling down the economy, canceling youth sports, canceling school and quarantining healthy people?

The numbers don’t justify it. The LNP knows it, but their businesses isn’t informing the public – it’s spreading fear and reinforcing the narrative.