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Help This Blog by Commenting on Articles!

Help This Blog by Commenting on Articles!

You can't be heard if you don't speak up
By Trey 29 comments

As I mentioned in the About section and in the entry on my social media pages, I want this blog to a forum for improving Lancaster county.

I want this to be more than just my own voice – I want to hear your voices, too.

I’ll be writing a lot about things like taxes and spending, about gun rights and abortion, about immigration and faith – and the addition of your voice will help me as I go.

I’ve worked as a journalist for a long time, and I know from experience that comments on articles are often as, or even more, illuminating, than the article itself, because there is often someone who knows a huge amount about the subject who shares their knowledge and insight.

The comments section also helps like-minded people find each other and realize that there are other people out there who share their views. It is great for building a community and finding friends.

If you like this site and want to help it grow, one of the best ways to do that is to participate in the comments. A lively, intelligent discussion attracts more readers

Another benefit is that people who disagree with me or others can make their case, and this often sharpens one’s arguments and insights, and exposes mistakes.

It’s also a great place to suggest story ideas and tips.

Everyone in the county, conservative, liberal, or somewhere in between, is welcome. Please let your friends and family, your colleagues and your congregation know about this.

Please, no rudeness or profanity (this is a family-friendly site). I’ll work hard to keep the comments section polite and respectful.

Thanks for joining the discussion.