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Lancaster Police Retreats on Allegations of “White Nationalist” Agitators at George Floyd Protests

Lancaster Police Retreats on Allegations of “White Nationalist” Agitators at George Floyd Protests

By Trey 265 comments

Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser is walking back – running back, really – his statements from Monday, when he alleged that the fomenters of violence at Sunday’s George Floyd protest in Lancaster city were “white nationalists.”

Politicians in cities across the country where there have been riots have been trying to shift the blame from protesters and Antifa agitators, despite there being ample evidence of Antifa involvement and none of any serious “right wing” involvement.

Chief Jarrad Berkihiser also acknowledged that he can’t be sure if a group of outsiders who stirred up trouble Sunday were white nationalists, as he said on Monday. He suggested they could also have been anti-fascists or freelance agitators.

“That could be just somebody who lives out in the suburbs and decided this is a great chance … to come in and create mayhem,” the chief said. “We may never identify them as a member of a group.”

This is a remarkable development given how uncritically his statements were parroted in the LNP all week. was the only news source demanding evidence for the chief’s allegations, and the only one even questioning what was, on the very face of it, a ridiculous assertion designed to placate liberals by blaming police response on a third party “outside agitator” and to dampen protester enthusiasm.

Berkihiser may not be returning repeated calls from Lancaster-blog, but he is aware of the questions I raised because he blocked Lancaster-blog on Twitter after I posted several links to my coverage, tagged with his Twitter handle.

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