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Leftist Media and Sloppy Journalism Advocating for Illegal Alien Farm Workers

Leftist Media and Sloppy Journalism Advocating for Illegal Alien Farm Workers

The Press is ‘Deeply Concerned’ and It Shows
By Trey 17 comments

The implicit bias of the leftist media is found in their basic assumptions of normality. It’s actually more insidious than the simple open prejudice they practice against those on the right. 

You’ll notice it in things like how they presume illegal immigration and its concurrent circumstances are the norm, not to be questioned, or that basic assertions and statements that support their narrative aren’t even worth checking. 

Take this article in SpotlightPA today

Here, Spotlight raises deep concerns about the impact of COVID-19 on foreign workers in Pennsylvania – because, you know, like the old joke about New York Times headlines – “World to End Tomorrow; Women, Minorities Hardest Hit”

Anyway, let’s take a look. 

HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania is failing to adequately protect migrant farmworkers from the coronavirus, an issue that will become more critical as orchards and farms ramp up efforts to recruit laborers in the coming months, experts and advocates said.

Really? Because in the rest of the story, they only quote one person raising these concerns. It’s like they want to create the impression of a widespread concern that doesn’t seem to exist. 

Let’s continue.

There are 360 farm labor camps in Pennsylvania that house 4,300 seasonal and guest workers — most of whom are migrant laborers hired through a contractor or those with H-2A visas, according to the state — in barracks-style facilities as well as motels, rooming houses, dormitories, and mobile homes.

Again, really? That seems worthy of questioning. According to the pro-immigration American Immigration Council, more than 1 in 5 immigrants in Pennsylvania – a total of more than 180,000 – are “undocumented” i.e. illegal aliens.

Doesn’t it seem questionable that most of those farm laborers are here on visas or legal contracts? Is migrant farm labor the one field where employers are actually checking documents? I’m sorry, but I don’t believe it, and neither do you.

But we continue.

Those conditions could facilitate the spread of COVID-19 through a population that experts say is particularly vulnerable because of limited access to health care, language barriers, and a lack of clear information about disease prevention.

“Even if you have a permitted farm labor camp in Pennsylvania, it is more likely than not going to be overcrowded if somebody doesn’t set up new requirements,” said Arthur Read, an attorney with Justice at Work, a nonprofit that represents low-wage immigrant workers. “Clearly, I think the reality of lots of these things is they’re going to get worse before they get better.”

On Monday, a week after Spotlight PA began making inquiries with state officials about the concerns, the state Department of Agriculture — which is responsible for permitting and inspecting these labor camps — released new recommendations on employer-provided housing for workers.

So it wasn’t experts and advocates, it was one advocate – a lawyer – and you as journalists took it on yourselves to do his advocacy work. Hmmm.

Ok, skipping ahead past some stuff about what housing requirements should be to prevent disease spread (you can read the full story at the link above), we come to this gem. 

Amid a national shortage of farmworkers and an anticipated need for field laborers during the pandemic, the U.S. Department of State relaxed the process for temporary workers to enter the country and is no longer requiring in-person interviews at U.S. consulates in Mexico.

So there have been more than 1.5 million unemployment claims filed in Pennsylvania since March 15, meaning there’s no shortage of Americans in Pennsylvania out of work, yet it’s just assumed we need to import foreign workers at peasant wages, rather than requiring agricultural business owners to pay a fair wage and benefits, like every other employer in the state?

Why should government policy – immigration – be used to subsidize these businesses with cheap labor?

Oh, that might raise the price of corn or avocados? So?


A spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau — a lobbying organization that represents 23,000 “farm families” — said farm owners are taking steps to protect workers’ health, including limiting interactions, staggering lunch breaks, and making sure laborers are not near each other when working.

These owners are also increasing the number of handwashing stations available, educating workers on how the virus spreads, and delivering food to limit the workers’ exposure to community spread, the spokesperson, Liam Migdail, said.

But advocates say requirements with enforcement and penalties, not recommendations without teeth, are needed to keep these workers safe.

“Because there are costs involved it helps to have some level of not just ‘this is a good thing to do,’ but, ‘this is what you gotta do,’” said Read, the attorney with Justice at Work.


Quoting exactly the same guy as earlier. How is one person a plural entity?

The rest is some hand wringing over new protections migrant farm workers should have, which, if those were jobs held by Americans, it wouldn’t be an issue in the first place. There wouldn’t be a language barrier, visa issues or the like. 

But it’s just baked in the cake that it’s the natural state for American agriculture companies to have to hire illegal aliens at below market wages. Yes, it would be a strain on those businesses, but we as consumers shouldn’t have the cost of our groceries artificially lowered by government policy. That’s an intrusion on the free market’s pricing tool. 

Conversely, if cheap groceries are a necessity in the public interest, then farmers should receive additional subsidies to pay Americans a fair wage. Even at minimum wage, and given how many people are out of work, they would have no shortage of people willing to do these jobs.

But that’s a policy issue that conservatives and libertarians could hash out. 

It’s strange to see the left, however, basically endorse indentured servitude so that they can have avocado toast on the cheap. 

But the real sin here is sloppy journalism, inherently leaning left without even realizing it. 

Get your act together, media. You can do better.