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LNP, Lancaster City Officials Push Discredited Narrative About ‘White Nationalists’ Causing Violence at the George Floyd Protest Sunday

LNP, Lancaster City Officials Push Discredited Narrative About ‘White Nationalists’ Causing Violence at the George Floyd Protest Sunday

By Trey 410 comments

The worst part of modern mainstream journalism is the absolute lack of integrity and skepticism when it comes to anything they’re told that fits their liberal worldview, and today’s story in the LNP is a prime example.

Breaking just now, the LNP is parroting Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace’s accusations that the violent protesters Sunday were likely from outside Lancaster, “possibly white nationalists.”

A small group of armed men, possibly white nationalists, infiltrated Sunday’s protests in downtown Lancaster, prompting city officials Monday to ask peaceful demonstrators to not participate in further protests this week.

Any time officers were pelted with rocks or bottles Sunday, it came from Caucasian men in the crowd, police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser said at a hurriedly-called press conference.

There were between five and 15 agitators, all white men between their late 20s and early 30s, according to Mayor Danene Sorace, who said video footage is being put into a state police system to identify the agitators.

Oh really?

Where is the evidence, Ms. Mayor?

And where is the LNP’s journalistic skepticism?

Neither are evident.

A real journalist would have asked point blank – “What is the evidence these agitators are from outside Lancaster County? What is the evidence any of these were white nationalists, as opposed to the Antifa thugs who have been plaguing other protests? What is the evidence any of them were armed?”

But the credulity runs deep, just like the curiosity does not.

This is the same nonsense the Minneapolis Mayor and Minnesota governor tried to peddle last week, when they claimed “80 percent of those arrested” in the riots there were from out-of-state.

Actual journalists determined that no, almost all of those arrested were from Minnesota.

Officials there also tried to blame the riots on drug cartels, organized crime and white supremacists.

Further, arrest records in cities throughout the United States where there have been violent protests, those violent rioters arrested who have been white have all been members of Antifa, not some right-wing groups.

Even NBC News admits there is little to no evidence of violent participation by right wing groups.

Lancaster-blog was at the protest Sunday, and there was no evidence of any “white nationalists,” however there were hundreds of white Antifa types among the protesters of color.

Like this guy who police arrested when violence broke out. Pure Antifa.

This reporter witnessed at least one of the bottle throwers that forced police to have to pepper spray the crowd.

Watch for yourself.

And since there were only 6 arrests – all for misdemeanors – on Sunday, how could anyone know if the “5 to 15 agitators” were armed and “wearing body armor?” And if police saw them, why were they not approached and detained?

This smacks of a combination of the LNP’s usual sloppy journalism and a push by Lancaster city’s liberal leadership to shift blame away from the protesters for the violence.

No one believes this nonsense about the violence at George Floyd protests being caused by “white nationalists,” especially not the police and the LNP. These are Antifa agitators and they know it.

Lancaster-blog has put in calls to the mayor’s office and to Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser, and will update this story as necessary.

The real motive, though, seems to be preventing or curtailing future protests, so as to reduce the likelihood of any violence, while appeasing the George Floyd/BLM protesters.

Mayor Danene Sorace at a hurriedly called new conference asked local demonstrators to cancel further protests that might attract outside agitators to return and incite violence.

LNP and the liberal leadership in Lancaster could get away with this kind of narrative deception when there was no conservative media voice in Lancaster County, but now there is. Please consider supporting for more fact checking on the #fakenews.