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Mainstream ‘Journalism’ Has Become the Key Manufacturer of Humorless Faux Grievances

Mainstream ‘Journalism’ Has Become the Key Manufacturer of Humorless Faux Grievances

By Trey 2,747 comments

Satire and mockery used to be the stock-in-trade for American politicians and the press, going back to the days of the American Revolution, a gift from America’s founding stock in English Parliament, where cutting zingers were sharper than dueling blades.

But today, the castration of American society by the Perennially Indignant and Humorless Scolds that make up the gelded American Left and the nanny state mainstream media mean that all laughter is morally and politically suspect.

(Note that audiences in what passes for comedy in the past few years don’t spontaneously laugh anymore. Instead, they clap. They signal their approval of politically correct statements wrapped in “jokes” that offer no mirth or edge, nor cleverness or wit.)

Take the reaction to State Rep. Russ Diamond’s rather hilarious send up of the transgender Rachel Levine, the former child psychiatrist with no public health experience who has completely botched Pennsylvania’s COVID response.

HARRISBURG — One day after Pennsylvania’s top health official forcefully denounced transphobic attacks against her, a Republican lawmaker co-opted her call for acceptance to address “hateful and intolerant comments directed towards the unmasked community.”

Rep. Russ Diamond of Lebanon County released a statement Wednesday that mimicked remarks Health Secretary Rachel Levine made in response to recent “demonstrations of harassment” against her. Diamond has been one of the loudest opponents of Levine’s order requiring most people, barring a health issue, to wear a mask while in public.

“Your actions perpetuate a spirit of intolerance and discrimination against unmasked individuals and specifically individuals like myself who are outspoken about it,” Diamond wrote on official House letterhead.

The sentence, like many in his statement, pulled directly from Levine’s own remarks on discrimination and harassment against the LGBTQ community. As the face of Pennsylvania’s coronavirus response, Levine has been repeatedly ridiculed and attacked on social media and, at times, in public for being transgender.

Diamond denied he was mocking Levine, though in a text message to Spotlight PA he falsely equated being transgender to a “lifestyle choice.” When asked if he was comparing discrimination against transgender people to the treatment of people who choose not to wear a mask, Diamond said he “just thought it was ironic.”

“The release accurately speaks to those who have attacked, maligned, and threatened me, as well as others, since I first questioned the ridiculous mask policy months ago,” Diamond said. “Her policy allows for exceptions that apply to a lot of people, yet all we hear is ‘you MUST wear a mask.’”

These are the kind of people who think humor is destructive and would complain about free beer or being hanged with a brand new rope.

Want to know why American “humor” has been reduced to politically correct diatribes or degenerate toilet humor written and performed by quota hires, when this nation once produced giants like Mark Twain, H.L Mencken, Ambrose Bierce, George Carlin and Bill Hicks?

There’s your sign.

And if Levine is going to hide her professional and public incompetence behind her chosen identity, then she should expect to be mocked for it.

No one is above criticism, laughter or mockery. Especially not someone that looks like that.