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More ‘No Evidence of Mail-In Voter Fraud or Problems’ Piles Up in PA

More ‘No Evidence of Mail-In Voter Fraud or Problems’ Piles Up in PA

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By Trey Garrison

Potentially thousands or more mail-in ballots are missing in Pennsylvania and the US Postal Service isn’t even aware there’s a problem.

Only 24% of 40,000 requested mail-in ballots in Butler County have been returned, and in Fayette County it’s only 50%. Inquiries are being made in Lancaster County.

Meanwhile, Democrats and their media allies have switched from pushing universal mail-in excoriating voters to drop off their ballots in person, along with pedantic instructions on how those voting in person should bring a book, an umbrella, their lunch, tie their shoes, wear sunscreen – it’s getting weird.

Remember when they were lionizing USPS?

A USPS spokesperson, meanwhile, said the agency is “unaware of any significant delays or issues.”

From SpotlightPA

County officials at first thought that the mail was slowed down due to high volume, Butler County Commissioner Leslie Osche said in an interview.

But this week, county call centers and email addresses set up to handle elections issues were flooded with messages. By Tuesday morning, officials abandoned any hope that the ballots would arrive and launched plans to get new ballots out to voters, Osche said.

“Our main focus — because it’s too late now to worry about this — we need to make sure we get these people their ballots,” Osche said.

Exactly how many ballots were lost remains under investigation, though Osche said she believes the number could be in the thousands given the high volume of calls and emails related to missing ballots fielded by county officials during the past week.

A USPS spokesperson said in a statement the agency is “unaware of any significant delays or issues, and is in regular contact with the Board of Election as we work to locate and deliver ballots as they are presented to us.”

Nov. 3 is shaping up to be…well, it will show whether the United States remains a republic, or becomes a banana republic.