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NEWSPUNCH Tackles Fake News Narrative About ‘Fake’ Amish at Trump’s Rally

NEWSPUNCH Tackles Fake News Narrative About ‘Fake’ Amish at Trump’s Rally

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By Trey Garrison

As we reported first yesterday, President Donald Trump roared through Pennsylvania with three stops including one at Lancaster Airport in Lititz.

It was a grand 90-minute rally that drew thousands despite the cold and rain.

Included in the crowd were a number of Amish and Mennonite Trump supporters, so naturally the left-wing commentators and fake news media – who have probably never met one of the plain folk in person but they saw “Witness” so now they’re all experts – started casting aspersions, saying they were “fake” Amish.

NEWSPUNCH – a great alt-media site worth a bookmark – tackles the story.

Amish voters came out in force to support President Trump at his rally in Lititz, Pennsylvania on Monday.

During his speech, Trump praised the Amish community for being “hard workers” and also made a dig at his opponent, “Sleepy” Joe Biden.

Trump said: “We have Pennsylvania Dutch… They’re great people… they’re not known for going out and voting… don’t tell anybody but the Pennsylvania Dutch are voting en masse.

They’re saying “we cannot have a man who sleeps all day, we work hard, we like Trump, we like Trump,” the president went on.

He then added: “There’s a little relationship there. Hard workers, incredible craftsmen. You’ve done work for me over the years, I’ll tell ya. They can throw up a barn in about two days.”

Of course, liberal Twitter users soon attempted to claim the Amish standing behind Trump at the rally were “fake”.

One user claimed that one of the Amish men at the rally was “wearing earbuds and jacket with a zipper”, claiming that “the Amish shun both”.

Read the full story here.

It’s always amusing watching non-Amish try to ‘English-splain’ the way of the plain folk.