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Nice Piece on How the COVID-19 Lockdown is Affecting Lancaster County Farmers

Nice Piece on How the COVID-19 Lockdown is Affecting Lancaster County Farmers

By Trey 66 comments

Over at Lancaster County Magazine, there’s a good piece on what’s happening on local farms.

Here’s a taste.

Lancaster County is known for its rolling farmlands and the dedicated farmers who tend to them. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, farms across the country have grappled with a surplus of their products since schools, restaurants and other large buyers closed. Some are dumping milk, euthanizing animals and giving their products away for free. Lancaster County unfortunately felt similar effects.

In a recent Lancaster Farmland Trust webinar, Elizabethtown farmer Jim Hershey is aware of several farms in the area that had to see their hard work go to nothing. He knows of dairy farmers who had to “open the plug” on their milk and broiler farmers who had to euthanize some of their chickens.

“There’s nothing more painful than good nutrition going to waste,” says PA Department of Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding during a Lancaster Chamber webinar. Although the state was seeing high levels of milk dumping in March and April, Redding says the dairy industry is getting back on track thanks to restaurants reopening, families buying more consistently and farmers adjusting production. He does predict short-term meat shortages as the national supply chain adjusts.

Read the rest here.

They also have a really enjoyable piece on, basically, high-end camping cooking. Can’t wait to try some of these dishes.