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No BLM and Antifa Mobsters: I’m Not Going to Love You | Joel Saint

No BLM and Antifa Mobsters: I’m Not Going to Love You | Joel Saint

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Editor’s Note: We continue to welcome guest editorials from all conservative perspectives in Lancaster County.

By Joel Saint

I am to love my neighbor. But,my neighbor is not the mob.

I’m convinced that there is no reasoning with a mob, there is no give-and-take, no discussion, and no enlightening.

That being the case, then you can be sure that there is also no loving, either.

How is it that mobs have recently been involved in mayhem, insurrection, general destruction, and murder, and all in the name of justifiable outrage and better race relations?

What are the mobsters (that’s what they are) thinking?

“You know, we have all this trouble with racism. We’ve got to fix this. How? Oh, I think I know: How about we burn down some cities! Destroy some businesses! Murder some innocent people! Destroy some neighborhoods! That should improve race relations, no doubt!”

Of course, that will only destroy relationships.

And, that’s the point: The mobsters obviously want me to hate my neighbor. That kind of hatred got a good start with social distancing (social control), then got a good boost from the riots—I mean peaceful protests.

But I am to love my neighbor. Across barriers of class and race. But it’s my neighbor, I’m to love, not a mob.

Think, for a minute, of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10: He loved his neighbor, the guy, the individual who had just been beaten by the mob. The Good Samaritan loved his neighbor. He did not love the mob.

That’s because I cannot love a mob. I can only love my neighbor.

Joel Saint is the pastor of Independence Reformed Bible Church in Lancaster County.