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On Lies, Libel and Unfettered Leftism – How The LNP Failed Lancaster but The Lancaster Guardian Will Bring Back Ethical, Honest, Independent Journalism

On Lies, Libel and Unfettered Leftism – How The LNP Failed Lancaster but The Lancaster Guardian Will Bring Back Ethical, Honest, Independent Journalism

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By The Lancaster Guardian Staff

In just six months of operation, Lancaster-blog upended the media landscape in Lancaster County, breaking stories the monopoly newspaper couldn’t or wouldn’t, and uncovering their support of anti-American critiques and their incitement of violent leftists and anarchists. We grew a platform and readership rivaling, and even exceeding, the local paper.

With minimal resources and practicing guerilla journalism, Lancaster-blog routinely embarrassed the local paper, and brought a conservative perspective to news coverage – a perspective which was long-absent and heartily welcomed in this community.

So naturally, the local monopoly paper wanted to destroy both it and the planned weekly newspaper, The Lancaster Patriot.

After a smear campaign by the financially insolvent LNP| lancasteronline – starting with the uncritical and amateur repeating of defamatory and false-lighting reports from the F-rated, discredited Southern Poverty Law Center, and culminating with the LNP inciting far left-lunatics to make threats to the livelihoods and lives of advertisers and investors – plans for the The Lancaster Patriot have been tabled.

(For a full report on how thoroughly discredited the SPLC is and how laughable and vile its hacks are, including the day-drinking, failed softcore porn author and antifa member that the LNP quoted verbatim, click here).

It has since come out that the LNP’s reporters, in crafting their smear job, were wholly unaware that the SPLC has been denounced by both liberal and conservative politicians, NGOs, newspapers, political organizations and nonprofits.

The funny thing is, I spoke last week with one of the LNP reporters who wrote the hatchet job on Garrison and asked if they were aware of the reputation disaster of the SPLC, since they seemed to rely very heavily on them, quoting them at length as some kind of grand authority. They answered that they had never heard this. Such is the competence of our local Morality Polizei. To make matters worse, I then asked if they had collaborated extensively with the SPLC in their investigation of Garrison, and they said: no comment. I then asked if they had met with one Michael Hayden of the SPLC, who was in Lancaster two weeks ago. They said: no comment.  

But that’s par for the course for LNP, which so uncritically reports and repeats literally anything that advances their false narratives.

Here’s a little more on the nature of the scam that is the SPLC.

Now some county residents who follow politics might be aware that for the last couple of years, the SPLC has become a favorite whipping boy of mainstream conservatives. Hardly a week goes by when some Republican Congress Critter doesn’t beat his chest on camera about the SPLC’s latest outrage. Trump loves kicking them around on Twitter. Most liberal-leaning Lancastrians, probably infer that this is just partisan politics, just a lot of hooey. What they probably don’t realize is that the wrongdoing of the SPLC has been so egregious, that they have been disowned by the left too. Even liberal media powerhouses, usually willing to lie about anything, no less than The New York Times, The New Yorker, and The Washington Post, ran devastating exposes on the SPLC’s corruption, cynicism, and hypocrisy. The SPLC is the Harvey Weinstein / Bernie Madoff of the political activist world, an organization that completely imploded due to the immorality and criminal activity of their top leadership, which was forced to resign en-masse in March of 2019.

The SPLC was always a scam, a kind of corporate shake-down operation, (give us money or we’ll accuse you of being RACIST!) founded by the now disgraced Morris Dees 49 years ago. Dees made the common CEO mistake of hanging on too long, to the doddering age of 82, at which point his racketeering operation collapsed into a cesspit of accusations of sexual harassment and racism, with lawsuits flying around like jello cubes in a food fight. Dees himself was accused of trying to rape his teenage stepdaughter. It was all the more jaw-dropping because the SPLC presented itself in relentless fundraising mailings to trusting liberals as a spotless moral crusader against the very things that were rampant under their own roof. Anybody of any quality or ability fled the SPLC as if it were Chernobyl, leaving behind the dim bulbs who didn’t have prospects anywhere else. A reputable independent charity watchdog operation, Charity Watch, gave them a grade of “F”. For a good sampling of the slime at the SPLC, this is a good place to start.

For more on this, and a humbling defense of our editor, click here.

Here’s the thing though – the events that have transpired revealed just how deep the rot in local media and the establishment political parties really goes.

Few know that the Steinman family, which early on built its Colonial-era fortune on the back of African American slaves (more on that later), is at once one of the biggest contributors to the local GOP, while at the same time the owners of, and providers of financial life support to, the LNP.

While there are many good and true people in the Lancaster GOP, there are also a few spineless, feckless water-carriers, beholden as they are to the Steinman family’s financial support. Between those to the right, and to the left the deep ties between LNP and far-left, violent activists, much of the left and right in this county are controlled opposition. When you know this, so much that transpires here – the political theater – makes more sense.

Well, Lancaster County deserves a better class of media and a better class of conservatism.

We’re going to provide it.

This is a “declaration of journalism” by the newly created and freshly branded news site – the Lancaster Guardian.

The Lancaster Guardian will be an online news site, an alliance of local independent journalists who will be rattling the cages and overturning the establishment media and political narrative throughout Lancaster County.

The Lancaster Guardian will strive to deliver the news to you as it unfolds, as well as in-depth coverage, analysis and community service focused on Lancaster County.

The Lancaster Guardian is committed to local journalism that is truthful, ethical and investigative, providing coverage without fear or favor, always locally focused and always committed to core conservative and Christian principles.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be covering news and events in Lancaster County, investigating the corruption and collusion in the establishment GOP and Democrat parties, and revealing the failings of the LNP. We will be looking deeper at the LNP’s failing finances, with the newspaper losing, according to multiple inside sources, perhaps as much as $2 million a month.

(An editorial board allegedly losing that kind of money to push a loathsome liberal narrative clearly has no authority to say journalists with other perspectives “have no place in Lancaster County.” It appears as if their wretched and radical social justice agenda is what really has no home in Lancaster.)

We will be looking at the close relationship between certain key, favored GOP figures and the LNP, including issues relating to the controversy over the Drug Task Force seizures in 2019.

We will be looking at this and much more. We will be holding elected officials, the media and community leaders to account.

You saw what we could do in just six months. Consider what we will accomplish in another six months, and then another six years.

That’s right – we are not going anywhere.

Put another way, in the approximate words of another politically incorrect. anti-establishment writer of yore, reports of our demise as an alternative media here were greatly exaggerated.

Here is our plan, and here is why if our county ever needed independent journalism, that time is now.

In Lancaster county, the working class, the middle class, the small business owners and the traditional and faithful are being crowded out in favor of a left-wing agenda hostile to everything that made this region great in the first place. The LNP thinks this is just and good.

The LNP is hostile to normal, traditional people. Conservatives and Christians here don’t have any public voice at all.

The LNP has a monopoly on news and opinion in the public space, and it controls the narrative, despite its shrinking subscriber base and its fealty to far left, foreign principles.

The LNP, as well as political leaders in Lancaster city, refuse to address the real issues that affect the people of Lancaster County.

Whether it’s taxes and regulations at the municipal level, or millage rates in school districts, or multimillion-dollar public/private partnerships that put taxpayers on the hook for losses while delivering the profits to the pockets of those crony companies with their hooks in local politicians – the LNP never asks if a new burden is good or bad for Lancaster County residents. They do not ask if a new tax or regulation is constitutional or, in fact, moral. They simply endorse it in the name of “progress.”

In a county as churched and conservative as Lancaster, the media and too many politicians don’t care if their ideas, pet projects or laws are indifferent to, or even hostile to, Christians.

There is an active threat to people in Lancaster County in the domestic terror organization known as “antifa” – which has been the driving force behind two violent riots in downtown Lancaster through the summer and fall of 2020. And yet political leaders and the local newspaper not only ignore the antifa cells in Lancaster city, they tacitly encourage it by peddling false narratives. They even go so far as to repeat the falsehood that antifa does not exist, despite rampant evidence of coordination, communications, resource-sharing and planning at both the local and national level.

The Lancaster Guardian has video footage of local and Philadelphia antifa in Lancaster coordinating the night of the September riot in Lancaster city, as well as pictures from inside the one public-facing antifa safehouse on Prince Street, and knowledge of the other two.

And, of course, we broke the initial story on how the local newspaper actually employs an alleged antifa member who was arrested for felony riot and arson. (That burr really got under their saddle.)

When BLM protesters took to the streets in Elizabethtown over the summer, rightfully concerned business owners who had watched small businesses looted and burned elsewhere brought in armed private citizens to safeguard their storefront. The LNP attempted to “dox” – that is, reveal the private information and names – of those business owners. We’ve seen up close and personally what happens when the LNP doxes businesses they don’t like. They invite violent lunatics and weirdos to threaten those who go against liberal orthodoxy.

In the pages of the local newspaper, foreign religions and holidays are fetishisized, while Christianity is, at best, ignored, and at worst, sneered at.

Western ideas and traditions – the kind which built Lancaster County, Central Pennsylvania, and the United States of America – are being supplanted by alien values and religions, all with the nodding approval of the LNP and far-left community activists.

Our society – the most just and fair in history – is being deconstructed in the name of racist, anti-white “critical race theory” that holds Western values and civilization as immoral. The LNP decries “systemic racism” and “white privilege” – two non-existent concepts that are excuses for failure to meet normal standards. If you are heterosexual, white, Christian, pro-life, pro-family, a nationalist, a traditionalist or conservative, the LNP holds you morally suspect and thinks should be subject to a tolerance struggle session.

Statues of the heroes who discovered and built the New World and brought civilization to a savage wilderness are being attacked. Celebrations of the men who built the West give way to the crocodile tears of history’s losers. As surely as a people’s symbols are attacked and vandalized, so too will that be people be next.

The people who cheer this in community leadership and at the LNP are not on the side of normal people in Lancaster County. They are part of a Bolshevik-style cultural revolution.

This is what toxic liberalism looks like.

Our freedom to do business, to transact freely, trading value for value, is being chipped away. Taken together the township, school, county, state and federal taxes place on Lancaster County one of the highest tax burdens.

Lancastrians are hunters, gun owners, and believers in an unfettered Second Amendment. Yet there are efforts that start at the local level, rising to the state and then to the nation, that would chip away at this precious freedom. The LNP cheers these efforts. There must be a voice that looks down on these efforts and says, unreservedly, “No.”

At the LNP, abortion is considered an unassailable right, while freedom of speech, of worship and the press are considered conditional privileges, subject to review by liberal commissars and revocation by the mob.

All of this needs to change.

Lancaster Guardian intends to be a part of that change by changing the conversation.

There must be a return to the values, morals and mores that shaped Lancaster County, from its pre-Colonial days all the way through to the present.

The Lancaster Guardian rejects the effort to rewrite our history and values to fit the agenda of identity politics and identity grievances, and to fit the champions of the civilizationally incompetent who claim eternal victimhood.

We believe the majority of Lancaster County residents believe the same as we do.

To enact the change needed to restore a sense of normality, or patriotism, of nationalism and Christian values, we need to take back control of the public discourse from the far left and the degenerate forces that currently control it.

We need an independent journalist organization that is not a party organ, a tool of either of the establishment political machines, or in the deep pockets of crony capitalists.

This is what we’re about:

 – honest, ethical, investigative journalism

– a commitment to conservative and Christian values

– coverage without fear or favor

The Lancaster Guardian won’t have the support of the establishment, of the polite political leaders who so eloquently speak out of both sides of their mouth, of the effete would-be elite, or of those who betray law and order in favor of the destruction of western standards and expectations.

What we do have is a platform that already rivals the failing LNP.

We are going to use it.

We hope to have the support of grassroots conservatives and Christians in Lancaster County, of patriots, of those sick of political correctness and the woke political bullying, and of everyone else who believes in a return to normalcy, decency and American tradition. We hope to build this into a movement that will demand to be heard by the elite of both sides.

We hope you join us in taking back the culture from the urbanite elite, the corrupt RINOs and the lunatic left.

The Powers That Be in Lancaster County are on notice. Our band of happy warrior independent journalists aren’t going to give you the pass the LNP does. Our journalists are actually competent, and they aren’t beholden to the neoliberal corporate narrative or the half-witted, slavish liberal orthodoxy that the LNP is.

It’s time for a return to real journalism.

The LNP has failed Lancaster County.

The Lancaster Guardian will not.