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OPINION: No, Lancaster GOP, Your “LNP Fake News” Webpage Isn’t Half as Clever as You Think

OPINION: No, Lancaster GOP, Your “LNP Fake News” Webpage Isn’t Half as Clever as You Think

By Trey 4,256 comments

Interesting step the Republican Committee of Lancaster County is taking – they’ve set up a counter on their website to keep track of the LNP’s very obvious pro-Democrat bias.

The “Fake News” counter will track how many editorials the paper runs that are critical of Republicans versus how many are critical of Democrats.

As of this writing, the tally is 16 anti-Republican compared to 3 anti-Democrat editorials.

Here’s the thing – this is wrong. And in defense of the LNP (I know, words you wouldn’t expect on Lancaster-blog) the problem isn’t their editorials.

What the County GOP is doing is cringe. It’s a typical knee-jerk reaction from the typical mid-wit Republican who thinks he’s doing something clever when he’s not.

An editorial board is supposed to present the consensus opinion of the editors. It is just that – an opinion. And since the geldings and cat ladies who make up the LNP editorial board are naively liberal, of course they will more often write opinions favorable to Democrats.

So what?

No one expects the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal or the Daily Caller to write editorials that endorse socialist or Democrat views.

This editorial opinion of the LNP is not how the LNP in “biased” nor is it “fake news.”

Here’s where the LNP fails. (You knew this was coming – can’t let them off the hook that easily.)

The LNP fails and shows their bias in their news coverage, and in what they decline to cover.

Here are a few of my criticisms of their bias and sloppiness is of their news coverage:

  • Following the dictates of the wholly political AP Stylebook now, they capitalize “black” for black people but use lowercase “white” for white people. Really, LNP?
  • They refer to every BLM protest as “peaceful” even when they are not. They report the inane utterings of local liberal politicians uncritically and, in fact, with fawning deference.
  • Their coverage pounds the drum relentlessly about racism and “white privilege” and police abuse, when in fact there’s very little to support the evidence of any of these left-wing boogeymen in Lancaster County or the United States as a whole.
  • Their abysmally unscientific news coverage of the COVID issue would have you thinking that were it not for Gov. Tom Wolf and his weirdo Secretary of Health, the transgender Rachel Levine, we would all be dead.
  • They did their very best (and what a sad show it was that it was their very best) to dox the private armed security at a BLM protest in Elizabethtown, all because they’re the kind of people who wet their pants when they see peaceful civilians with guns.
  • They’ve written a hundred news stories touting the benefits of immigration and refugees, and not one looking at the negative impact that these have had. Not one. Are we all going to pretend there’s been zero negative impact from importing such a large number of foreigners? Have you seen some of the neighborhoods that now look like favelas?
  • They’ve never reported on a school or township tax hike that wasn’t presented as an unalloyed good. Ever.
  • They take picayune social media posts from bottom-feeder trolls complaining about stupid nonsense, and put them on the front page like martyrs, potentially ruining local businesses. (Hello, Ma(i)son.)
  • Their coverage of the Drug Task Force funding row last year showed their editors assign stories out of fear, or favor, or both. (Epic fail, LNP.)
  • They report allegations of racism at a local row at a swimming pool, all because some it fits their narrative, even though there’s no evidence that the brown person who called the police was committing a racism.
  • If a BLM protester says it, it’s reported in the LNP without any double checking. After all, they’re “marginalized voices” or whatever.
  • The anti-white, anti-conservative bias colors (ahem) their news reporting through and through.

Anyway, you get the point.

The LNP’s editorial board is and should be free to have as liberal an editorial page as they want. The problem is that that naïve, bleeding-heart, Pollyanna liberalism spills out into their very lazy news coverage.

Their news coverage is done simply to create a rickety support structure for their editorial narratives.

And that, Lancaster GOP, is what makes LNP “fake news.”

(Their weekly food section is pretty good, though.)