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PA Democrats and Leftists Need to Stop Fearmongering COVID-19 Because the Science Doesn’t Support the Lockdown

PA Democrats and Leftists Need to Stop Fearmongering COVID-19 Because the Science Doesn’t Support the Lockdown

The anti-freedom, anti-science leftwing agenda will haunt them come November
By Trey 195 comments

Everyday it becomes more and more clear that science is not on the side of the leftists and Democrats who want to keep Pennsylvania closed.

This is not a pandemic so much as it is a panic. The fear and the lockdown is killing jobs and it is killing people.

The left-wing extremists Lancaster Stands Up, the Democrats in county and state offices, and their toadies at the LNP are irrationally clinging to models that have proven wrong and citing number that are absolutely fake to justify this continued lockdown.

As public officials in this crisis, each of them had a choice: put aside partisan opportunism and protect the lives of your constituents, or exacerbate the devastating impact of this deadly virus. Prematurely forcing people back to work will deepen the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic and lead to more illness, death, and economic catastrophe. – Lancaster Stands Up

This is fearmongering.

Right now, almost a dozen municipalities in Lancaster County want to defy Governor Tom Wolf’s draconian lockdown orders, including Colerain Township. East Donegal Township, West Donegal Township, Eden Township, West Hempfield Township, Little Britain Township, Manheim Borough, Mountville Borough and Penn Township, as well as the Lancaster County Commission.

That’s what leadership looks like.

Why? Because what the COVID-19 panic mongers are relying on isn’t science. They relying on disproven, unscientific models.

I’ve already pointed out that fully 68% of all COVID cases in Lancaster County have been among the elderly.

And I’ve pointed out that the PA Department of Health is inflating the number of COVID deaths dramatically.

But it gets worse.

One of the big reasons for the draconian lockdown, we were told, was that coronavirus can be transmitted by people without symptoms.

Turns out the study that claim was based on was fatally flawed.

The support for the lockdown was based on modeling. Not only has such modelling been extravagantly wrong before in predicting the course of viral epidemics, but it says nothing about anything else. In this case, it has been fouled up from the start by poor data and flawed assumptions. The data on virulence was hugely biased in favor of severe cases. There was an assumption that 80 percent of the population would rapidly catch the disease, when in fact 15 percent seems nearer the mark.

We were told that the health care experts say that stay-at-home orders and lockdowns were the best solution. According to experts at our own University of Pittsburgh Medical Center say that isn’t the case at all.

Also, for medical insight beyond the mentally questionable Rachel Levine, here are 10 scientific and medical reasons to End the Lockdown Now from Dr. John Lee, a professor of pathology and a former British National Health Services consultant pathologist, who, unlike Levine, is not a man wearing a dress.

Dr Samir Farhat, a New York physician, notes that the lockdown in that city, despite being the epicenter of the outbreak, is actually worse than the effect of opening it up.

Also noteworthy in New York, the number of cases of COVID-19 deaths are being exaggerated for political purposes, according to the coroners who are dealing with this.

The LNP and the leftists are trying to scare you into thinking that if Pennsylvania opens up ahead of Gov. Wolf’s schedule, it will lead to more outbreaks.

They base this on their models, which don’t comport with reality.

How do we know this? Take a look at Georgia.

When Republican Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia reopened his state, CNN and the rest of the panic media predicted a new outbreak was imminent and a doubling of deaths within weeks.

But it didn’t happen that way. This week Georgia celebrated the state’s lowest number of hospitalized novel coronavirus patients and the fewest number of COVID-19 patients on ventilators on Saturday, 15 days since the Republican loosened lockdown restrictions in the face of persistent attacks from the mainstream media and the public disapproval of President Donald Trump.

Respiratory symptoms of COVID-19 “typically appear an average of 5-6 days after exposure, but may appear in as few as 2 days or as long as 14 days after exposure,” per the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), UC San Diego Health notes.

“Today marks the lowest number of COVID-19 positive patients currently hospitalized statewide (1,203) since hospitals began reporting this data on April 8th,” Kemp posted to Twitter on Saturday. “Today also marks the lowest total of ventilators in use (897 with 1,945 available). We will win this fight together!”

As noted by The New York Times, Kemp reopened large parts of Georgia’s economy on April 24, adding, of course, COVID-19 precautions, like screening workers for fever.

According to a daunting CNN headline published April 28, “Georgia’s daily coronavirus deaths will nearly double by August with relaxed social distancing, model suggests.”

“Kemp allowed for the reopening of hair and nail salons, barber shops, massage businesses and gyms under new safety standards. He allowed restaurants and theaters to reopen with new restrictions Monday,” the CNN report said. “With the assumption of relaxed social distancing, the model predicts that the number of Covid-19 deaths per day in Georgia will jump from 32 people dying on May 1 to a projected 63 people dying per day by August 4.”

“Currently, 995 people have died from Covid-19 in Georgia, according to the model, and it projects that number could climb to 4,691 by August 4. The projection for total deaths in the state provides a range of estimates between 1,686 deaths on the lower end to up to 15,620 deaths on the higher end,” the report added. “According to the model, the top five states out of the 12 in the Southeast with the highest projected total deaths by August 4 are: Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, Virginia and North Carolina.”

Fifteen days after the lockdown ease, however, hospitalizations in Georgia have hit a low.

Here’s the thing – since March 1, 51,000 Lancaster County residents have filed unemployment claims. The unemployment rate here is nearly 22% now. Even if the economy re-opened today, it will be months – perhaps years – before the economy recovers.

In less than six months, however, it will be very clear to people that the reaction to COVID-19 and the government action taken by Governor Wolf, our creepy Secretary of Health Rachel Levine, Lancaster Democrats and their cheerleaders at LNP was overblown, and cost more in terms of lives and economic damage than the novel coronavirus.

And they are going to be angry.

“Tom Wolf is going to be as much on the ballot as much as the president, the Legislature and Congress for his handling of this, but he’s going to be judged not just by Republicans but by Democrats and independents,” said Lawrence Tabas, chairman of Pennsylvania’s Republican Party.

And he’s right.

Lancaster County will remember who in this time of crisis stood up with courage, and who really acted cowardly, destroying Lancaster’s prosperity, businesses, and families.