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BREAKING: PA Legislators File Five Articles of Impeachment Against Gov. Wolf Over His Mishandling of the Emergency COVID-19 Response

BREAKING: PA Legislators File Five Articles of Impeachment Against Gov. Wolf Over His Mishandling of the Emergency COVID-19 Response

By Trey 45,763 comments

A Republican state Representative from Butler County has filed Articles of Impeachment against Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf.

Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R- Butler) introduced House Resolution 915 on Tuesday, which includes five Articles of Impeachment against the Governor.

Metcalfe said there are 24 co-sponsors of the resolution.

The language of all five Articles of Impeachment can be found here.

Article One says Governor Wolf’s orders during the COVID-19 pandemic violated 4th, 5th, and 14th amendment rights.

Article Two states that Governor Wolf’s waiver program created through the Department of Labor and Industry was applied “in an arbitrary and capricious manner, leading to inconsistent and unjust results which determined the fate of the livelihoods of many citizens of this Commonwealth.” It goes on to say that Governor Wolf’s mandated business closure order devastated Pennsylvania’s economy, and he should be removed from office.

Article Three accused Governor Wolf of being at fault for not staffing and preparing the Department of Labor and Industry and the Office of Unemployment Compensation to handle the influx of unemployment benefits requests following the non-essential business closure order.

Article Four accuses the Governor of failing to protect residents of long-term care facilities and nursing homes from the COVID-19 virus. The article says even though Governor Wolf had plenty of time to prepare this vulnerable population for the virus, he failed to implement a plan to protect them.

Article Five accuses Governor Wolf of “withholding critical information” about COVID-19 to the public, press, and Legislature. This is in regards to state agencies not responding to Right-to-Know requests during the pandemic.

 “Pennsylvania citizens deserve and demand far better than a petulant socialist dictator with a well-documented history of unconstitutional and unlawful misbehavior cowardly occupying the governor’s office. No individual or regime is above the law. The time for Wolf’s impeachment is now!” Metcalfe said. 

House Resolution 915 will likely head to the House Judiciary Committee to receive a vote. If it passes, then it will be presented to all House lawmakers for consideration.

Here’s a list of the co-sponsors.

  • Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R., Butler County)
  • Rep. David Zimmerman (R., East Earl)
  • Rep. Stephanie Borowicz (R., Clinton County)
  • Rep. Lee James (R., Venango County)
  • Rep. Jim Gregory (R., Blair County)
  • Rep. Marci Mustello (R., Butler County)
  • Rep. Jeff Pyle (R., Armstrong County)
  • Rep. Dawn Keefer (R., York County)
  • Rep. Rich Irvin (R., Huntingdon County)
  • Rep. Barry Jozwiak (R., Berks County)
  • Rep. Dan Moul (R., Adams County)
  • Rep. Russ Diamond (R., Lebanon County)
  • Rep. Bud Cook (R., Washington County)
  • Rep. Mark Keller (R., Perry County)
  • Rep. Garth Everett (R., Lycoming County)
  • Rep. Cris Dush (R., Jefferson County)
  • Rep. Lou Schmitt (R., Blair County)
  • Rep. Brad Roae (R., Crawford County)
  • Rep. Frank Ryan (R., Lebanon County)
  • Rep. Tommy Sankey (R., Clearfield County)
  • Rep. Aaron Bernstine (R., Lawrence County)
  • Rep. Rob Kauffman (R., Franklin County)
  • Rep. Jonathan Fritz (R., Wayne County)
  • Rep. Eric Davanzo (R., Westmoreland County)