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PA Restaurants Get to Up Occupancy to 50%, Sort Of… | Lancaster Law Blog

PA Restaurants Get to Up Occupancy to 50%, Sort Of… | Lancaster Law Blog

By Trey 1,149 comments

Over at Lancaster Law Blog, they have a rundown on what to expect come September 21 when restaurants get to increase indoor dining occupancy to 50% from the current 25%.

Based on no granular data but rather political pressure, Gov. Tom Wolf is graciously allowing restaurants that are suffering under his lockdown mandate to increase dining capacity.

(Imagine being told you can run your business at half profit and that you should be grateful for it.)

Anyway, the good folks at Lancaster Law Blog have a breakdown of what to expect as both a customer and if you’re a restaurant owner.

On Tuesday, Governor Wolf announced that starting September 21st, restaurants may (but are not required to) increase their indoor seating capacity to 50%. This accommodation will finally provide some relief to the industry many believe has been the most significantly impacted by the Governor’s mitigation efforts.

On its face, this increased occupancy appears to be good news, but it comes with a catch that may significantly impact many operators.

Restrictions and Requirements

Most notably, along with the ability to increase occupancy to 50%, the most recent changes also prohibit the sales of alcohol after 10 p.m.  They also continue the prohibition on bar seating and continue the requirement that any alcohol sold for on-premises consumption be served in the same transaction with a meal. These changes were outlined in a press release, but we are waiting on a final Order from the Governor.

The other nuance that came with this Order requires that in order to increase capacity to 50%, the establishment must self-certify that they will implement and follow all of the public health measures and orders currently in place and issued by the Governor/Department of Health.  This process has not yet been finalized, but it appears that it will be handled online and require the business owner to…

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