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Repeating a Lie Often Enough and Other Annoyances

Repeating a Lie Often Enough and Other Annoyances

By Trey 225 comments

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Just a quick update for the morning.

1) “If you tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth” seems to be the guiding purpose as the LNP keeps trying to blame right-wing agitators instead of Antifa for the violence at Lancaster protests. Even the police chief who made the allegation has retracted it, but the LNP is doggedly pushing forward with this disinformation.

2) Aside from actors, no one likes applauding themselves and celebrating their own self-importance more than journalists. Yes, the coverage of the drug money forfeiture scandal was great work. No, the fact that journalists who are marching in riots (and rationalizing them, or even cheering them on) are taking collateral damage is not surprising. And no, LNP reporters at the local Lancaster protests are not firefighters running toward danger.

3) Remember all the scolding that the mainstream media gave #ReOpenPA about protests, because they weren’t wearing masks or social distancing? Odd how silent they’ve been on that subject when it comes to the #BLM protests. Almost like there’s an agenda, or that they didn’t believe their own lockdown/quarantine nonsense. Remember when journalists were saying that anti-lockdown protesters should have to sign medical treatment waivers if they caught coronavirus? Nurses literally stood in traffic to stop people from protesting just 30 days ago. The silence is deafening.

4) If there’s a silver lining to the protests and riots, it’s that we don’t have to endure any more TikTok videos of dancing nurses twerking in hospitals.

5) Et tu, mother nature?

6) Enough is enough. White privilege is a lie, as is the idea of a police war on black people. No more surrendering to political violence and extortion. Tucker Carlson goes through all of the 10 black deaths at the hands of police in 2019 that protesters are calling “a genocide.” Ten people isn’t genocide, and it also turns out that all 10 shootings by police were justified.

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