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The problems, the systemic liberal bias, and the corruption and mismanagement – all of it runs deep.

We need your help. We need story ideas, tips and information. You can contact us assured of your confidentiality. You know about the waste, the malfeasance and the plain old incompetence that you see whether it’s at the township, school, non-profit, criminal justice or county level.

You can email us at: [email protected], or use the form below.

If you want to be on the record, you will be. If you want to remain anonymous – we take the constitutional right of a journalist to protect his source as our highest duty.

We also need your talents. Maybe you’re an expert in forensic accounting, or you just know where the proverbial bodies are buried. Maybe you’ve got a story you want to tell that no one in the mainstream media has listened to. Maybe you’re an activist dismissed as an inconvenient “crank.” Maybe we can be your platform.

The injustice and the incompetence, the mismanagement and the malfeasance, the corruption and misappropriation – it’s all out there, and you may know where it is or at least a clue about where we can start.

No story is too big, and no story is too small. We want to be a voice for people who have been ignored or silenced.

Contact us at [email protected]. Your confidentiality is assured.