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Stick a Fork in COVID-19, We’re Done | Diane Knight

Stick a Fork in COVID-19, We’re Done | Diane Knight

By Trey 7,125 comments

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By Diane Knight

I have written before about the Hydroxychloroquine scandal and the political machinations of the Democrat establishment all over the United States and in Pennsylvania to make this 99.6% survival rate illness into a nation-breaking pandemic.

Well, we were proven right. Doctor after doctor are coming out to show that Hydroxychloroquine works and it seems the Lefty Establishment can no longer keep the truth under wraps.  It’s becoming more and more obvious there is a plan behind this, and the people who enforce us are the enemies of the American people.

Turns out many of the fatality rates were inflated, the COVID-19 tests are vastly erroneous and it’s becoming more and more clear it’s all a circus.

The people of the Keystone State, and all Americans have proven that they don‘t want this and now there are professors everywhere saying the same thing.

Sweden and the Netherlands, two countries who never went full lockdown, have lower infection rates than any country that locked down.

We’re tired of lies.

The people of the Keystone State have a right to answers, and those who perpetrated this massive fraud on us should be held accountable.

And we need to know who profited from their crimes.

Who profits from the countless home businesses forced to close down?

Who profits from the people of Pennsylvania becoming poorer?

Who profits from the deaths of our parents and grandparents?

We need to know.

We already know the Democrat establishment who bought their way into power by importing countless welfare voters into our cities will do nothing about it, so it falls on the Republican politicians to stand up and be counted.

We demand to know the real number of COVID-19 deaths in the Keystone state- not the stuffed statistics. 

We demand to know who’s profiting from the deaths of our businesses.

We demand to know why Gov. Tom Wolf allowed BLM protests but not church services.

Someone is getting paid and we demand to know who.

Governor Wolf should be held accountable for all of the lost jobs and ruined business, and be forced to make whole the good people whose livelihoods he endangered.

Rachel Levine should be stripped of her medical degree and unelected position,  and be made to answer for the deaths of so many Keystone State citizens in care homes due to her malicious orders.

Diane Knight lives in Lancaster County.