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Support Lancaster Chief Berkihiser Who is Allegedly Being Forced Out Because of His Wife’s Pro-Trump Facebook Posts

Support Lancaster Chief Berkihiser Who is Allegedly Being Forced Out Because of His Wife’s Pro-Trump Facebook Posts

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By Trey Garrison

I’ve had my differences with Lancaster Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser since the beginning of the summer, when he carried water for the Sorace administration’s false narrative that the violent antifa/BLM protests in downtown Lancaster May 30 were because of “10-15 armed white nationalists” when we have video of of antifa members starting the unrest.

But he’s a competent and engaging police chief, willing to lay down the hammer to stop antifa/BLM rioters when necessary, as his force did during the Sept. 13-14 riots.

Word now is his “retirement” is because Mayor Danene Sorace pressured him to because Berkihiser’s wife made a pro-Trump post on her personal Facebook account.

Enough is enough with this cancel culture nonsense. There is such a thing as freedom of speech, and it doesn’t just apply to government censorship, but to the corporate and political forces that would ruin people’s lives just because they say something unpopular or politically incorrect. Freedom of speech is a philosophical idea that, in a simpler time, allowed people to argue their positions vehemently, and then go out for a friendly beer after.

Now we are ruled by a stifling political correctness, informed upon by fellow citizens seeking liberal clout, doxed by a media that shines its spotlight not on power but on private citizens, and people’s lives are ruined by digital lynch mobs.

Enough is enough.

We at Lancaster Guardian support law and order and the police, and we would oppose anyone losing their job over a political statement, regardless of what that political statement is.

We encourage you to sign this petition to reinstate Chief Berkihiser.

Lancaster City, PA Chief Jarrad Berkihiser is being forced to retire at the end of October 2020 because of a positive comment his wife posted about Trump on Facebook. Mayor Danene Sorace announced Chief Berkihiser’s retirement on Friday Oct. 2 during a news conference in which she did not answer questions and which Cheif Berkihiser did not attend. 

Berkihiser’s wife wrote in answer to LNP: “That afternoon I read an article about a presidential candidate visiting a victim’s family after a critical incident where all the facts are still being investigated and I was sickened that they were used so a politician could pander for votes. I feel this behavior is disrespectful to the family and the community. To sacrifice his career to save face for my remark taken out of context and my political affiliation is terrible. He deserves better. I have heard so many people say he is the right chief for the right time. It is because he is. He is genuine, fair, and truthful in all he does and never for his own gain.”

Some of Berkihiser’s accomplishments in the past three years as Chief of Police include: implementing a department-wide body-camera program, improving the department’s use-of-force policy, creating a community engagement sergeant position, and hiring the city’s first police Social Worker. Chief Berkihiser also met with protestors and marched with them following the killing of George Floyd, with intentionality of bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community. 

Please sign this petition if you believe Chief Jarrad Berkihiser was unjustly fired for political reasons in which the Mayor has a responsibility to examine her own biases. Chief Berkihiser should be reinstated as he possesses the compassion, integrity, and deep commitment to Lancaster that is needed for such a time as this.