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The Biden Campaign is Not Sending Their Best in Keystone State

The Biden Campaign is Not Sending Their Best in Keystone State

By Trey 2,388 comments

Liberals are constantly hyper-focused on skin color, while accusing anyone to the right of Karl Marx of being racist.

But every time you scratch a leftist, it’s funny how you find actual racism, rather than “micro-aggressions” or whatever nonsense they preach about nonexistent “systemic white supremacy.”

Behold Joe Biden’s man in Pennsylvania. He’s a Democrat party operative, former state legislature candidate, and a campaign surrogate for Biden-Harris 2020. (Careful ladies, he’s single and ready to mingle.)

A Berks County candidate for the state legislature and surrogate for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is the focus of news reports about years-old tweets in which he disparaged women and made racist remarks.

Online news publications Inside Sources and Delaware Valley Journal published a story Tuesday about tweets posted by Manuel Guzman Jr., who was named earlier this month as Biden’s deputy coalitions director for Latino communities in Pennsylvania. According to the news report, Guzman reportedly used Twitter to call women “bitch” and “hoes,” suggested that he could hit a woman in retaliation and also reinforced the racist trope that Asians eat cats.

Guzman, 32, responded to the report Wednesday with a written statement apologizing for his past comments.

“Those tweets do not represent the values that I have today, nor do they represent the values that I will fight for as the first Latino from Reading to be elected to the PA House of Representatives,” Guzman said in his statement. “The truth is, there is no excuse for my words. I was young, ignorant, immature and – like a lot of young people – did not consider the impact my words would have.”

According to Inside Sources, the now-missing tweets from 2011 to 2013 said:

“G**d*** this girl in front of me got wayyyy to [sic] much f***ingperfume on. Like d*** mami, if you gotta put that much s*** on #stinky***” .

“Ungrateful a** b****”

 “The next b**** say I look like Drake getting slapped!”

“These hoes the same all they change is their outfits” (an excerpt from a song my rapper J. Cole.)

“Wait so let me get this straight, so it’s ok for you to punch me in the b**** but it’s a big deal when I punch you in the leg? Ahhh women”.

“@PaulKeldsen my favorite Asian. I’d like to place an order: fried cat with French fries.

“What the hell is a ‘white Hispanic’ ? It’s either you’re Latino or you not.”

Guzman’s Twitter account shows that he joined the platform in 2011, but his feed does shows no tweets posted before August 2019. His account is also currently protected, which means his posts can only be seen by another user if he approves them.

Guzman did not deny the reporting.