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The Fall of the Ideological Bourgeoisie Nationwide and Right Here in Lancaster County is Inevitable | Diane Knight

The Fall of the Ideological Bourgeoisie Nationwide and Right Here in Lancaster County is Inevitable | Diane Knight

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By Diane Knight

A piece I wrote some five years ago for a long-gone British news site was about the death of Jo Cox, a Labour Party MP and proud member of the “Do-Gooder class,” the oh-so appropriate term Brits use to describe those with big mouths and big words who make a career out of managing the common good.

In these five years many things have changed. The existence of the “do-gooder” class not only became more obvious, but these people invested themselves as a priesthood of progressivism and started acting as if they had the power to punish the unfaithful.

And the entire society allowed this to happen. A whole class of judgemental nincompoops arose, and we let them. Weird elected representatives whose only discernible trait is their skin color, journalists paid in cat food and all sorts of bizarre creatures showed up, said the sacramental words and became the priesthood of the Age of Progressivism.

Everybody was allowed to comply, and a whole lot of people with no merit or value to society invested themselves as arbiters of human morale.

The “diversity consultants” are emblematic for a class of people who bring nothing to the table but empty words and the permission to be openly bigoted and discriminatory towards the non-protected classes.  The worthless, lazy and stupid found themselves pushed into comfortable positions for no reason whatsoever, and all of those wages came back to the tax contributing and very vastly majority white public in the West.

Sound familiar? Of course, it does.

Except for one little tiny detail- namely the fact that this isn’t remotely new. It didn’t appear in the past few years.  Turns out it’s a long running con, and when I say long-running I mean over 20 years.

What is a better example of ideological bourgeoisie than the Obamas? Michelle Robinson only earned a place at a Law School because of the father’s union connections. Her last known job as a director of something or other at the University Hospital of Chicago was an outright bribe for her husband – the position was created for her after he secured a sizeable federal grant to said hospital.

Barack Obama himself owes his career to the simple fact one of his parents was black or seemingly so – I recall seeing an interesting paper on that back in the day when I was working for the 2008 Hillary campaign showing Barack Senior was in fact mostly Arabic and only one of his grandparents were black and if I trust anything it will have to be the power of the Clinton election machine.

It is the ideological bourgeoisie that has burdened us with the current social justice abominations from Drag Queen Story Hour to BLM, and they’re doing so from their comfortable taxpayer-funded lairs far away from the consequences of their actions.

We have recently found out that the Obama administration had allowed a fairly sizeable fund to be used for promoting its ultra-progressive policy, and when that expired it turned out many of the Ideological bourgeoisie had to return to eating cat food.

Of course, there is no surprise in the fact the Ideological Bourgeoisie produces nothing- that’s old news. To us, anyway. But it is becoming more and more obvious they have severely overestimated their role in society, and now things are crashing down around their ears.

And it is beautiful.

Hundreds of opinion blogger-cum-journalist jobs have been cut in the past year, long before Corona, in a move that shows once again just how fragile the actual support for the lunatic left’s ideology is.

Turns out the Obama administration money had been supporting a house of cards which is now crashing down, and it’s glorious.

Of course, the culprits can’t believe it.

If you wondered WHY is it that Barack Obama is refusing to go away like any civilized ex-president before him, the answer is very simple – he can’t afford to.

The man is not and has never been intelligent enough to convert his political servitude into good hard cash like Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein – whose family got rich by destroying the rare earths industry in the US because her husband has huge interests in the Chinese rare earths exploitation. His bribe was small – the half price house in Chicago paid by the slum lord Tony Reszko and whatever else he made was spent on the much too expensive mansion the Obamas bought cash down in Washington DC.

The man’s only known income nowadays is speaking fees, and do not assume for a second he’ll stop anytime soon, after all his presence and the title of former president are the only assets the family has.

This is the reason the Ideological bourgeoisie are going gung ho into crashing the US economy right now- because they refuse to accept they are irrelevant and unnecessary and that everyone who’s not stupid is seeing straight through their lies.

The fact the Covid-19 fatality numbers were vastly inflated is out in the open, the fact a drug that is curing Covid-19 has been criminally withheld and costed at least 100 thousand American lives is in the open and these people know they are caught, and shaking in their pants.

They know it’s coming, they know their ideological unelected positions are about to crash hard, they know they are going the way of the Dodo, and in their despair, they’re willing to destroy the entire country to have a shot at holding onto that bread and butter just a little while longer.

Gov. Tom Wolf and Secretary of Health Rachel Levine know their time is coming. The State Supreme Court will not be able to defend them much longer. Wolf knows he’s not being re-elected in 2022 so he’s doing anything he can to destroy the Keystone State.

Rachel Levine looks pretty scared lately because while she may be able to get away with the unlawful killings she committed on the Keystone State elderly, her career is deader than her sanity.

Our dear colleagues at the LNP would be out in the street if they didn’t have a constant stream of outside income poured into their failed newspaper to lie to the Lancaster County citizens since we all know their traffic is abysmal and nobody believes them anymore.

The Ideological bourgeoisie – Politicians, Journalists and general barkers are heading down fast.
And it couldn’t happen to nicer people.

Meanwhile, the conservative media’s doing great- and we’ll have some great news about that soon at!

Diane Knight lives in Lancaster County.