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The LNP and the Rest of the Media Need to Be Held Accountable for the Fear and Panic They Stoke

The LNP and the Rest of the Media Need to Be Held Accountable for the Fear and Panic They Stoke

By Trey 311 comments

Today in mendacity and fearmongering, the LNP editorial board praised the decision to cancel this year’s New Holland Farmers Fair, a street fair that’s been a tradition since 1927, all because they’re scared of the coronavirus crisis.

The New Holland Farmers Day Association reportedly said that health concerns complicated the ongoing planning for the four-day event, even though the fair wasn’t supposed to start until Sept. 30.

That’s 125 days away. Four months.

How long will the cat ladies and wine aunts at the LNP think we should wait before returning to normal life?

Until it’s vanquished by a vaccine, we’re going to need to acknowledge its very unwelcome presence among us. We’re going to need to be sensible, put public health first, and work toward a safer, brighter future.

That could be years. Yet we’re supposed to live like prisoners in their celebrated “new normal” because they’re afraid.

Does anyone remember the point of a quarantine is to isolate the sick, not the healthy?

The problem at the heart of this is not just the LNP’s – and by broader extension the liberal left’s – fear of a virus with a mortality rate on par with the seasonal flu.

No, the problem is their blind devotion to universal equality – that is to say, that they have to pretend everyone and everything is equal, and that some populations might have different and unequal qualities, or higher or lower risks.

People in crowded cities and habitation circumstances, people with comorbidities like obesity or heart disease, elderly people – they are all at higher risk of infection than people who live in rural towns, people who are fit, and younger people. Policy should be determined by this reality, not a blind fealty to the progressive, and purely academic, concept of equality and equal treatment.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, as of May 17, 2020, Pennsylvania has more COVID deaths over age 100 than under age 45. Pennsylvania has more deaths over age 95 than under age 60. Pennsylvania has more deaths over 85 than under 80.

But we’re supposed to shut down the economy and lock healthy people in their homes all because a small portion of the population is at higher risk.

The LNP likes to pretend they rely on scientific and medical expertise. Then why do they ignore the 600 doctors who recently begged President Trump to somehow unilaterally end the lockdowns given the “mass casualty incident” the prolonged isolation is bringing?

The LNP condemned even the modest reopening proposals by Republican leaders in Lancaster County and Harrisburg, just as the national media condemned the much broader reopening of Georgia months ago.

And while the LNP has used the same fearmongering and concern trolling the national media did regarding Georgia – declaring it would be a disease wasteland with people risking death because they wanted to go back to work and get on with their lives – the reality is nothing like their nightmare scenarios.

In Georgia, the number of currently hospitalized patients continues to fall. On May 26, 986 current hospitalizations marked the lowest number of COVID-19 positive patients hospitalized since hospitals started reporting data to the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency on April 8.

There’s nothing wrong with reasonable caution. There’s nothing wrong with taking the precautions you believe are necessary in your situation.

But setting public policy – or in the case of the media – influencing public policy with ridiculous claims and panic-mongering, such as that it is reasonable or justified to cancel a festival that’s literally four months away?

I wrote yesterday about how unserious and unjustified the LNP’s continued push for people to wear masks is.

I’m not alone in this position, that there are very good reasons healthy people shouldn’t wear masks, and that the belief in asymptomatic spreading isn’t supported by evidence.

When the dust settles and we all realize how much gaslighting the left and the media did, and how that destroyed lives and livelihoods, they need to be held accountable.

That’s why I started this blog.

Reasonable and reasoning people in Lancaster County need an alternative voice to the pearl-clutching liberals at the LNP.

And we all need to stop living in media-induced fear.