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The LNP Editorial Board Wants Everyone to Bend the Knee to Their Politically Correct Agenda, No Matter Who It Destroys

The LNP Editorial Board Wants Everyone to Bend the Knee to Their Politically Correct Agenda, No Matter Who It Destroys

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The LNP editorial board – some of the most coddled and out-of-touch leftists this side of the University of California Berkeley campus – would rather see local businesses shuttered than someone not bow to their political agenda.

In this case it is the owners of the acclaimed restaurants Luca and Ma(i)son, who “announced Monday they will be closed until further notice” after two disgruntled employees complained that they hadn’t turned their business into a political statement.

The LNP said this “This story is not about ‘extortion,’” or “two young people in need of ‘coddling.’”

And the LNP is right.

This is a straight-up Maoist struggle session. This is a form of public humiliation like that used by the Chinese Communist Party to shape public thinking, and to humiliate and persecute people for having the wrong political opinion.

What’s worse is that the owners weren’t opposed to all of this George Floyd protest nonsense – they were simply silent and minding their own business. (A business already struggling with the limits of the state lockdown and the notoriously thin margins the restaurant industry deals in.)

This is getting ridiculous. Earlier this week the LNP, Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey and others took part in the humiliation ritual of bowing before the mob.

In Stalin’s Russia, when he would give a speech and the crowd would applaud, the crowds were monitored and woe be unto he who was the first to stop clapping.

Next up what? Will the LNP, Antifa and black activists call for boycotts of businesses that don’t deify Saint George Floyd the Martyr, a drug addict and convicted violent felon who resisted lawful arrest?

Enough is enough. This public shaming, the cancel culture, the political correctness – it has to end.

You don’t get to demand everyone takes on your political agenda. You are not a press gang for Her Majesty’s Royal Political Narrative.

People have the right to not be involved, to have different opinions, to not believe in the “white privilege” and to live their lives.

They have a right to mind their own business.

You should mind yours, LNP.

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