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The Masks are Disappearing in Lancaster – Nature is Healing

The Masks are Disappearing in Lancaster – Nature is Healing

By Trey 704 comments

Another glorious summer afternoon in Lancaster County, and people were out and about being normal.

The unmasked to masked ratio was about 3:1 today, judging from a long walk around Lancaster city.

Having just broken a major story about the articles of impeachment filed against Gov. Tom Wolf this morning, beating the LNP by, let’s see … oh my. As of the publication of this piece, they still haven’t gotten to it. I guess when you have a full staff but you send them out to browbeat gun owners or cheerlead protests, you often get beat by a one-man news site. And they often do.

♪♪ One of these things is not like the others…♪♪

Anyway, I had time to stroll the city and it was beautiful to see people dining inside and outside, strolling, shopping, browsing – and all not wearing masks.

Nope, no masks detected.

You had pretty blondes taking selfies, as is their tribal wont.

At intersections in their cars, Puerto Rican drivers provided their usual free music to all within 50 yards, whether requested or not.

Guys in dreadlocks sat on their front porches, smoking what surely was medical marijuana.

Everybody loves Yorgos.

The Lego store was open again, to the cheers of autists throughout the county.

Count how many, Raymond.

People just out living life, not cowering in fear.

Pic related.

A half a dozen scrawny vegans and an old, obviously childless woman with a man’s haircut, all in matching red t-shirts because they’re rebels, maaan, kept up the desultory BLM protest near the police station on Chestnut.

What’s a little black but mostly white and Red allllll over? Antifa.

They still haven’t picked up their garbage in the park.

The fatigue is real.

Nature is healing.

I just liked this shot. Now you can, too.