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The Media Matrix: How the Media Pushes the Blue Pill to Create Their Phony Left-Wing Narrative | Charles Stouff

The Media Matrix: How the Media Pushes the Blue Pill to Create Their Phony Left-Wing Narrative | Charles Stouff

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By Charles Stouff

One of my favorite sci-fi movies of all-time has to be the 1999 classic, “The Matrix”. The entire premise of the story to this day is totally mind-blowing. Our unassuming hero, Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, goes through the hum-drum motions of his boring life day after day. He dresses plainly and sits in a cubicle among many cubicles tapping without emotion on a keyboard, while staring blankly into a black screen.

As he reaches the end of another shift at the software developing company, he exits the lifeless corporate building and goes home to his unoriginal, dimly-lit, efficiency apartment.

In an attempt to find some meaning to his monotonous existence,

Neo spends his evenings hacking computers and interacting with nefarious characters found within 1999’s version of the “Dark Web”.

Through his interactions, Neo begins to hear about the Matrix. His curiosity to learn what the Matrix is leads him to being abducted by an attractive band of domestic terrorists wearing black leather and sunglasses at night. They take him back to a room where he sits face-to-face with their leader and most-wanted criminal, Morpheus, played by Laurence Fishburne. Morpheus knows Neo’s question before he asks it. “What is the Matrix?”

Just to totally ruin the story for you, Morpheus went on to explain the Matrix.(I’ll paraphrase) The Matrix is what you perceive to be the world around you. The birds you hear singing, the grass growing, the people you interact with and even the chair that you think you’re sitting in are all part of the Matrix. He then told Neo that many years ago the earth was overtaken by man-made artificial intelligence who enslaved humanity by growing them in tiny incubators for fuel and uploaded their consciousness into a computer program (the Matrix). Nothing around you is real.

Now, obviously, we live in a very real and physical world, but what if your perception of the world around you was wrong? What if the world surrounding you was a much calmer and safer place than what you’ve been led to believe?

Turn on any news channel and you will find masked reporters warning of an invisible virus that is lurking everywhere around you, biding its time and waiting to hungrily pounce upon another victim.

The ongoing tallies of infections and death, flashing red in the corner of the broadcast, serves as proof to panic.

Burning buildings and smashed windows momentarily interrupt the “virus reporting” as angry rioters and looters reduce everything to rubble. Bricks are thrown, teargas is released, brutality and anarchy have become the “new normal”. Life as you knew it has ceased to exist. Stockpile food, pack your bags and wash your hands to the tune of “Happy Birthday” twice, society is caving in upon itself.

Now just hold on one second. Is all of this fear and panic really necessary? Is all of this pandemonium an accurate snapshot of the country around us?

What if the American media is creating the illusion of total chaos by grossly intensifying reality?

What if the media is just hand-picking small segments of suffering, injustice and mayhem- then amplifying the isolated events by repeating them until the public has the impression that the problems are much more widespread than what they actually are?

Let’s just say that out of all of the hundreds of counties in America that are re-opening for business, a few of the counties had an increase in positive cases of CV-19. If all of the media trucks surrounded those counties with increased infections and gave constant coverage to those areas infected, they could create an overall public perception that this problem exists everywhere.

Why is the media doing this? Great question. Some may say that there is a political agenda at play. Whatever side of the political spectrum that you fall upon, it is a little difficult to deny the fact that every single move that Trump makes is framed as the wrong move. I mean if the guy took the time to pet a puppy, the news headline would be “Trump Ignores Kittens”.

Maybe the media is focusing on keeping Americans mesmerized by sensationalizing everything? Maybe bad news and misery increases ratings and sells advertising space? Whatever the reasoning, the media seems to be in a “misery full-court-press” as of late.

In no way is this an attempt to dismiss the actual suffering. There are tragic events that have transpired. A virus has taken many lives. People’s homes and businesses have been destroyed. A police officer in Minneapolis suffocated a helpless man on the street.

However, most police officers are not racists.

Most protestors are not destroying property.

99.9641% of America has not been killed by the Coronavirus.

If only the media could report the news instead of actively throwing gas on the fires of anger, fear, and racism, the American public may be able to understand that the world is not spiraling out of control and just possibly see beyond this “media matrix”.

Charles Stouff is a regular contributor to Lancaster-blog and lives in Pequea, Martic Township