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The War on Young Minds: Public Schools and Colleges are Increasingly Just Leftist Indoctrination Centers | Charles Stouff

The War on Young Minds: Public Schools and Colleges are Increasingly Just Leftist Indoctrination Centers | Charles Stouff

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by Charles Stouff

Before being homeschooled this year, my daughter attended a public high school in a very rural corner of Lancaster County.

Last year during her freshman year, it was more than a little concerning for her mother and I to learn that her science teacher went on a 20-minute rant, championing the merits of socialism. She had already shared with me the way he presented evolution as absolute fact instead of theory and scoffed and ridiculed her for mentioning intelligent design.

My daughter and I have had conversations about how micro-evolution (species evolving within the species) was able to be proven while macro-evolution (species evolving into entirely different species) was a complete leap of “scientific faith”. These topics were anticipated, it was science class.

A science teacher discussing and promoting a socialist economic system, however, was quite troubling.

This isn’t really a science teacher. This is a political propagandist disguised as a science teacher, attempting to indoctrinate influential children into becoming left wing political activists. If this is happening in my little conservative corner of America, how much more is it happening all across the entire nation?

I’ve heard from parents, read stories and watched interviews of this same scenario replicating itself from sea to shining sea. Too many public school teachers are using their authority and platform to preach their “gospel” of liberal and socialist politics.

In 2015, the Washington Post reported research conducted by Verdant Labs on the Democrat-Republican divide based upon job type.

The results were startling. What didn’t the Washington Post report?

According to the study, “High school teacher” was one of the most Democrat saturated occupations. The study found that 87% of high school teachers in America today identify as Democrat.

High school kids are no longer being taught how to think, they are being taught what to think. The ultimate goal of the public school is to breed “test takers” who memorize facts and test well. Practical, life-applicable lessons like balancing a checkbook, paying a mortgage, or doing your taxes have faded into the shadows of practicality.

 Music and Art are being pushed aside to make more room for abstract math regardless of the student’s aptitude or abilities. American History has been revised. Biology class has discovered dozens of new forms of genders just within the last ten years, while science class instills the fear of an impending carbon apocalypse.

What about college?

According to another study it doesn’t get any better.

In 2018, the Washington Times reported that Mitchell Langbertan, an associate professor of business management at Brooklyn College, reviewed the party affiliation of Ph.D.-holding professors at 51 of the top 60 liberal arts colleges in the country. The study found that there were 10.4 times as many Democrats as Republicans. Furthermore, 39% of the colleges studied had zero Republican professors.

In January, 2019 a Harris poll published by Axios showed that 61% of Americans ages 18-24 have a positive reaction to the word “socialism.”

In the same year, The Pew Research Center published a national study that found that 70% of “Gen Z” (born between 1995 and 2015) and “Millennials” (born between 1980 and 1994) looked toward government to solve the nation’s problems.

So you see America, we may have a serious future problem on our hands. The future of this country is being pruned and cultivated within the hallways of our public schools and universities.

It is a much more difficult task to convince older, experienced Americans to believe in ideas and theories that seem destructive to our nation both fiscally and socially. This is why the left’s efforts have been concentrated on capturing the minds and hearts of our children who are much more naive and impressionable.

The public schools and colleges across our country are being used as indoctrination tools.

It’s up to the parents of America to have some serious conversations with their kids about what they are being taught. If you do not exercise your influence over your children, there are plenty of far-left teachers and professors who are more than willing to pick up your slack.

Charles Stouff lives in Pequea, Martic Township.