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They’re Not Attacking ‘Racism’ When They Destroy and Deface Our Statues – They’re Attacking America | Angela Phillips

They’re Not Attacking ‘Racism’ When They Destroy and Deface Our Statues – They’re Attacking America | Angela Phillips

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Editor’s Note: When I started this site, my goal was to have a place for conservative voices, not just my own. And we have our first contributor with an excellent op-ed.

By Angela Phillips

While the media covers the anarchists toppling statues, the overwhelming rally cry from the agitators is omnipresent “oppression”.

The claim that “institutional racism,” a supposed built in system to oppress, discriminate and disenfranchise people of color has led to the “oppression” of many for hundreds of years. This is a false (but useful) narrative. For over 200 years America has been the land of freedom, opportunity and peace.

Puritans came to start a community to worship as they saw fit. William Penn sought a commonwealth where all were treated fairly and equally. Jews fled Europe and found safe haven in America from the National Socialists (sound familiar?).

For hundreds of years America has been the country of freedom, opportunity, fraternity and law and order. Established on laws that applied to each and every citizen, no other country in history has been more concerned about individual rights than America.

The monuments being destroyed desecrated and decapitated are the men who believed in the individual’s freedoms. So much so that they took up arms, left families, businesses and personal comfort to ensure those freedoms were defended.

Our monuments are to remember great men for their great accomplishments. Great men can be flawed and still accomplish great things. As agitators pull down and desecrate these “oppressive” statues, they pull down our country’s history and legacy. 

Our monuments are beautiful works of art crafted by skilled craftsmen. They are meant to be reminders and cautions. Statues and memorials remind citizens of where our country began and how far it has come.

Destruction of them is destruction of America and what America stands for. Our country’s shared history is a blessing for the youth of today to review and examine, to ponder and weigh.

We cannot be reflective and grow as a country if our reminders of the past are destroyed. It’s like burning a road map to a country that one has yet to visit.

We cannot and should not allow this to destruction to continue. Now is the time to make our voices, and the voices of those that came before us, heard in our halls of government. 

“Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana.

Angela Phillips is a writer in Exton, PA.